Yes, it can be fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2012
This week has been kind of disappointing as far as my health desires go. I have spent every single day doing well, and then at dinner I eat enough for three people! NOT GOOD! However, I did do better today with both eating, and the amount of exercise I got. Taylor even came to the park and jogged :)
One thing to remember though, is that exercise can be found in small ways as well. You don't have to jog, or swim a billion laps to get some exercise in.
Tonight, Taylor, his family and I went to downtown Sylva, NC. It was my first time there.
Nestled in Western, NC, this little town had understated charm. It had it's rinky-dink parts, and rundown buildings, but there was something about this area that I really loved. We walked around for a while in the nice, summer air, and made our way in search of a coffee shop. We wound up at a Coffee shop/cafe called City Lights, with an attached and quite cute bookstore. I fell in love! It was SO CUTE!
Taking a walk and exploring new areas can be a great way to get your daily exercise in. Take the time to note the places you walk by. You may find your new favorite restaurant, bookstore, or antique shop. This way, you are not just doing the same-ole same-ole, but having new adventures, but also utilizing your time wisely by getting fresh air and cutting a few calories.

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