The Wedding

Thursday, July 17, 2014
I cannot believe it has taken me so long to blog about the wedding! Good grief!

The wedding was March 1st. We had it at the Coast so that my grandmother could attend. It really was a beautiful day!
Everything went smoothly: from getting my hair and make-up done, to cherished time with friends and family, to the bridal march and I-do's. Everything was perfect.
The church we got married in was absolutely gorgeous. I loved it!

One of the moments i'm so glad we captured was the prayers before the ceremony.
 (Above: Taylor and I praying before saying "I do")
(Above: My mom, bridesmaids, and very close friend, Stephanie)
The day was beautiful, but the time beforehand was too. I had all my favorite people with me in my hometown the week of the wedding, and the month prior to the wedding was spent hand-making all of the wedding decor. I thought the decorations were beautiful, and the memories behind them were even more precious.
(Above: My younger brother and my husband)

My only two regrets for the day: I wish I had had more time with my family, and I wish so badly that I wasn't as heavy. I am very self-conscious about my weight for my bridals, the wedding, and now. I'm working incredibly hard to change that, but the pictures won't lose weight with me, unfortunately.

Despite those two things, the wedding was absolutely perfect in my opinion. I was surrounded by loved one's while I committed the rest of my life to the most incredible man I've ever know. I got to marry my best friend and every day with him is a blessed, adventurous ride. He is my godly help-mate and a gift from God. I am so glad I have him, that God gave him to me, and that I get to grow with him in the Lord each day.