Addicted to Paddle-boarding

Friday, August 29, 2014
Since I discovered the joys of paddle-boarding two weeks ago, I've already gone three times. I love it. Its really hard, especially for a big girl with little balance, but it is so much fun! It feeds my water and swimming addiction, it gives great exercise, and it allows me to be competitive with myself to see if I can do better than the time before.
This past Sunday, Taylor and I went paddle-boarding with our friend, Tom. Tom is Mr. outdoorsy-pants, fairly adventurous, and very other words: he made us look bad.

BUT..... we love him, so we forgave him :p

Both my husband and Tom decided to ram there boards into me at different times, sending me straight into the lake. I got VERY wet that day.

We had a great time and we plan to go again this weekend before the water activities close for the season.

I'm going to miss my pool and paddle boarding time.

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