Bible Reading Update

Friday, August 29, 2014
I have been so proud of myself the past few days! I struggle so much to open up my Bible and read on my own, but I really want to get better and know God, God's truth, God's character, and God's will more deeply. That comes from spending time with Him and I know that, I'm just so undisciplined. BUT, the reason I am so proud of myself is because for the past three days at work, when we haven't had anyone in the store, I have gotten my Bible out and started reading. I read Psalm 62 on Monday, Isaiah 64 on Tuesday, and bits and pieces of Isaiah 62 (I think) yesterday. Each day I picked out two verses that stood out to me the most and I wrote them down in my journal. I am so glad I have been doing that. I'm not saying that three days of Bible reading is suppose to impress anyone, but it is a small, solid step in the right direction. I want to get back on track with scripture reading, and if I can keep this up, I'll get there :)

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