Whirlwind Week

Monday, August 4, 2014
As most of you know, I went on a road trip with the hubby this past Tuesday. The point of the trip was to go to my best friend's wedding, help her out, and be the best matron of honor I could possibly be. Thankfully, on the way to the wedding festivities, I was able to have a day with my family. We wanted to make sure we got to see my Nana, since her birthday was on the same day as the wedding.
This very short trip was important to us. We had not seen my family since Easter and we aren't sure when we will see them again. That part of growing up STINKS!

When we got to the coast, my mom introduced us to the newest members of her small farm. She now has two different types of chickens, two different types of guineas, and two ducks. I loved watching the ducks. They are so funny!

We did actually manage to set foot on the beach, though our time was limited. I miss the sand between my toes and the salt on my face and laying out in the hot sun, with the breeze off the ocean keeping me cool. I miss the smell of sunscreen mixed with the salty air and the feeling that time has stood still just so that I can stare out in the distance or read a book while the whisper of the ocean pulls me into a trance.

One of my favorite things about going to the beach is the treats that come along with it. There's a place called "Sunset Slush" that has several different locations, and IT IS FANTASTIC!
I've never had Italian Ice better than what they serve. They have about a billion and one flavors and it is just the perfect thing to finish off (or begin) your beach excursion with! I always end up getting the same thing every time....Cream-sickle and grape!

That evening, we drove over to my grandparent's house to visit for a while and then gave Nana her early birthday presents. We are so happy that she is in our lives. This is her first birthday since her stroke and I find myself overjoyed that she is still with us. I cannot imagine what life would be like if she wasn't here to celebrate.

Before having to leave early the next morning, we had an evening filled with Mario Kart competitions with my brother, Jason. He is such a wonderful guy. You would think that we wouldn't have much in common, being 8.5 years apart, but he is a great brother and friend. I miss him tremendously when we are apart.

A very bored Jason waiting for his food.

 We stayed up way too late and I got my butt handed to me on a platter by the time we were done playing Mario Kart, but it was so much fun!

I love my family and I hope that someday we can live closer to each other.