Just Another Prayer: Prayer for Help and Strength in All Things

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
God in Heaven,
I thank you for this day and for everything that you have given me.
Forgive me for all my sins. Forgive me for my distrust and lack of faith. Forgive me for my anxiety and fear and giving into lies, deceptions, and torments of my mind. Forgive me for focusing on those things that torment and confuse me instead of focusing on you, God in Heaven. Forgive me for my anger and bad attitude and all my ungodly desires, intentions, thoughts, mindsets, and for all else that is wrong within me. Let the meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth be pleasing to you, O God!
Deliver me from the enemy and help me to flee from him with all my heart. Help me to recognize his lies, deception, temptation, and confusion, know the difference between that and what you are saying to me, and help me not to give in or be fooled by the devil any longer. Help me God.
Be with all others who fall into the devils schemes and believe his lies, give into his fear, and fall into depression and anxiety.
God in Heaven, in the same way, with your word, your truth, your voice, your Holy Spirit, your leading and guidance, and whatever is from you, help me not to twist, misinterpret, misapply, make anything into anything its not, make, think, or believe that something is you or from you that isn't and vice versa, God in Heaven. Help me not to do any of this in any way, shape, or form, with anything, at any time, or in any way, God in Heaven. And help me to know the truth, know the difference, and recognize, accept, receive, believe, act on, and obey accordingly for all of at, God in Heaven.
Forgive me for falling into distractions while I pray to you this morning, God in Heaven.
Please be with my family and lead them in all the decisions they need to be making and please help them with all they are dealing with as quickly as possible.
Please heal my Nana continuously. Help her not to lose hope or give up, and help her stay strong in you, God in Heaven. And please help her through the pain of her church not visiting her in her weakest time. Help us never to be bitter, but always forgive and let go, myself included.
Thank you for the man of you my gradaddy has become, God in Heaven.
Thank you for my wonderful husband. Thank you for giving me Taylor and blessing my life with him. Help us be vessels for your glory each and every day, and help us to know and to your will in all things, at all times, and in every way, always and no matter what. Help us to know in each situation what the most glorifying to you next step would be and help us to take it no matter what.
Lead us in your righteous paths, in your truth, and in your perfect will each day, God in Heaven, both in our marriage, with each other, and in our lives individually too. Thank you for the blessing being married to Taylor is, and thank your for blessing us with each other, and giving us to each other. Let us always do what glorifies you, God in Heaven.
Please also do for me all that I always ask, pray, have on my heart and mind, and desire for you to help me with and do for me, God in Heaven, all in general, all specifically, including all the "includings" I always add on and all the new ones too please, God in Heaven. Help me with all the things I desire and need your help with, God in Heaven, and help me to know your truth about the things that confuse me in a way that is unavoidable, undeniable, inescapable, and help me know fully and clearly, beyond any and all doubt, God in Heaven, and help me to trust you to do that for me.
Fill me with faith, forgive my doubts.
Let every moment and every word I speak, every thought I think, and every action I do be glorifying to you, God in Heaven, and reveal to me what isn't and help me to know what isn't, repent, correct it, and move forward in a godly way, dear Heavenly Father. And also help me be a light, an encouragement, a witness, and edifying to everyone I come in contact with, today and every day, God in Heaven.
Please do for me and help me with all I've asked and prayed today, every day, and always in all the ways I have asked and prayed it,  and help me to have faith in you and trust you to do those things for me and help me with all those things in all those ways, God in Heaven.
Again, I repent of my sins and ask your help to recognize and know them, to truly repent, and to live right and move forward in the right direction, for each sin and in every situation. Forgive me for all against you, God in Heaven and help me, heal me and purify me of all I need too, God in Heaven. And again, help me to know truth and recognize truth, your voice, and you from lies and not you, God in Heaven. I'm struggling with that so so much and I need your help, your forgiveness, and your intervention. I need healing from the confusion and torment, and I need to know the truth and recognize lies and stop believing lies.
Thank you for all of this, and forgive me for not trusting you in general, for your help, and for all your blessings you've given me, God in Heaven.
Help me trust you and forgive me for not.
All of this and everything I ask and pray in Jesus' name, in and through the faith and trust I've asked you to fill me with, God in Heaven, and all the same ways alone truly always, of and to you alone truly always, God in Heaven, thank you, amen.

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