Prayer of repentence

Monday, October 6, 2014
God in Heaven,
I thank you for this day and everything that you have given me and done for me.

I ask for your forgiveness, help, healing, correction, and purification for all my sins, all against you, God in Heaven, and for all I need. I am sorry, I repent, and I confess and I ask that you help me never to avoid knowing what is right. Show me sins that I am unaware of, and help me to see my sins for what they are, repent, and give them over to you fully, God in Heaven.

God in Heaven, I ask that you will help me and teach me to always seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with you, Father God in Heaven. Help me to love you with my whole heart above all else, in every way God in Heaven, and teach me to love your ways, know what they are, know your voice, truth and will clearly, and walk in your ways fully.

Help me and Taylor both to be a godly example and witness to our coworkers, Taylor to his students, me to the customers, and everyone we come into contact with, and help that to be our aim, not ourselves or our own desire.

Forgive me for how consumed I am with my own desires. Please remove from my heart and life any idols. Correct them and show me how to either get rid of them or put them in their proper place, depending on what needs doing. Help me to continually know your voice more clearly and listen more intently every day. Please make me aware of/remove/correct/forgive me for any impure or ungodly desires, intentions, thoughts, words or deeds within me. Create in me a pure heart; make a steadfast spirit within me. I'm sorry for all I do and desire for myself instead of desiring what is most pleasing to you for your purposes.

Please forgive my impure thoughts; anything that crosses my heart of mind that is not pleasing to you, Father God in Heaven. Please purify me and help me.

Help me trust you fully for all things, at all times, in every way I should, and help me always obey.

God in Heaven, guard and protect my heart and mind in all the ways I need it, today and every day. Help me to know truth, stop believing lies, know the difference, and believe, accept, act on, obey, move forward and live for you and glorify you accordingly, fully, and in all things. Thank you and help me, God in Heaven. Do all this for me. Help me with all of this and everything I need.

Continuously help me know and obey your truth, voice, Holy Spirit and will, God in Heaven, and continuously help me to know and cast off lies and deceptions and attacks, God in Heaven, and continuously reveal to me and forgive me for all of my sins, God in Heaven, and purify me always.

I ask all of this today and always in Jesus' name, in and through the faith and trust I've asked you to fill me with, God in Heaven, and all the same ways alone always, all of and to you alone always, God in Heaven, thank you, amen.

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