Walk and Dunkin Donuts and Crafts: Oh My!

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Yesterday was my day off. Lately, I have been sleeping a lot later than I usually do on my days off. When I work the morning shift at work I have to get up around 5 A.M., so I think my body is reacting and over-sleeping on my days off. Yesterday was no exception. I didn't wake up until 10:45, which, if you know me at all, is super impressive.

When I finally got up, I brewed some pumpkin coffee and watched Once Upon a Time. Its an overly dramatic show, but I have gotten sucked back in....I had gotten tired of it for a while.

Around 3 P.M. I finally ate something and got moving. I met Taylor and our friends Brittany, Jess, and Wes at Lake Junaluska for a walk. The walk around the lake is approximately 2.5 miles, which is a nice distance. You have to walk it once you start, but its not so long that you are miserable when you are done. I really enjoy it.

 Within a few minutes, the boys took off and walked ahead as us ladies took pictures. 
Molly found the water and a flock (my mother-in-law pointed out that it is actually called a gaggle) of geese and was a very happy camper!

Look how cute our baby Wolfie is :)
More cute!

She tried so hard to catch the geese, but her mean ol' mama wouldn't let her.

I thought this was an awesome picture with the geese in flight.

Living in the mountains is so perfect in the Fall. The leaves on the trees dance with delight in the wind and it makes my heart happy when I see all the vibrant colors on the mountain-side. It truly is my favorite thing in nature. Simply gorgeous.

The guys never did slow down for us, so we continued snapping countless pictures and taking our sweet time. They missed out ;)

From Left: Jess, Brittany, and Me

I like hiding in trees :)

One thing I really enjoy about Lake J is the houses that overlook the lake and the little winding roads. They are so cute.

After our walk was over, we parted ways and Tayor and I headed to Sylva, NC to visit our friend Jeff. We met him at Dunkin Donuts and of course I got a pumpkin swirl iced coffee. They have the best iced coffee!

Later that evening, Jess came over and painted bottles with me. I finished my fall bottles for my living room decor :) They looked really cute.
Jess had never done it before, but really enjoyed it.

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