Currently Loving #1

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
The Happy Type

Today is a special day because I am linking up with Crystal over at The Happy Type. Crystal challenged her readers to share about something they are absolutely loving online at the moment and then post it to her blog. You can check out Crystal's blog or the Link-up I've referred to here.

So for my first "Currently Loving" post, I thought I'd share a quote I found on Pinterest that really stuck out to me.


The reason this quote hit so hard is because I've spent most of my life taking everything personally. This really took a tole on me in college. There were a few people (almost always girls... of course) that had negative things to say that always got back to me. They didn't know me at all, and yet I still let their hurtful, untrue comments affect me for the entire four years of college.
The thing is, though I am far from perfect and certainly have plenty of flaws, the people who knew me well in college almost always had good things to say. That isn't to say I always made them happy, but they saw my heart and saw the good things in me. They would say things that uplifted and they were always being truthful. It was almost always the people who didn't know me at all that had negative things to say. 
Oh how I wish I had realized that then! It would have saved me a lot of tears. And I'll be honest... it may seem petty, but I still have trouble forgiving those girls. The words they said that they don't even realize got back to me still hurt.
If I had taken the quote above to heart, I wouldn't be having this problem. I would have long-since let it go, and I would not have been nearly as self-conscious throughout my college years. 
That is why I am loving this quote. It is something that everyone needs to remember. Trust me, the people in your life who know and love you will see your flaws and speak to you about them in love. The people who don't know you will just try to tear you down with accusations and judgments that may not even be true to begin with.
Give yourself a break. Don't believe and accept every criticism you hear about yourself. Be self-evaluating and make sure you aren't in the wrong, but learn to let false criticism and judgments go. Don't carry their hurt or accusations.

What are you currently loving online right now? Let me know in the comment section below. You can also write your own "currently loving" blog post and link it up at The Happy Type!


  1. That's a great quote! I'm participating in the linkup as well if you'd like to see what I'm currently loving :)