You Can't Have Me

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Begging God above for forgiveness
You can't have me if I cant have you
You can't take it with you
When your gone"
 Drew Holcomb
This line came from a song I just discovered on Spotify. The playlist is called "Not your mother's Christian music". This is the best Christian playlist I've heard in a while and its very fun (and slightly hipster).
What conviction came from this song, "You can't take it with you"! God offers all of himself, but we can't just take. We must offer ourselves to him. How often I hold back, sometimes subconsciously, but often-times on purpose. It's scary to give ourselves away; trembling-to-the-bone scary. But it's the best thing we could ever do
When God says "come and die"(Dietrich Bonhoeffer), he doesn't mean "come, and be miserable". What he is really saying is, "Come, let me hold you, let me take over. Trust me even when it's painful; even when it doesn't make sense. Let me rule your life. You will be better off. I know best".
That's hard. Really, really hard. But, God promises all the spiritual blessings of the heavenly realms (Ephesians 1:3).


God in Heaven, please forgive me for not giving you all of myself. Please teach me how, because I don't know how. Please take control of all of me and all my life and all I have. Help me give everything to you fully. You say if you can't have me, then I can't have you, at least in fullness. I can't expect all from you and give you nothing. Help me to lay it all down at your feet. Help me give you all of me every second of every day. I do the best I can now, but teach me to fully. Forgive me and change me. I give you all of me. Help me not to fear but to trust you in all things, always and no matter what, God in Heaven. Give me all of you.
In Jesus name I ask and pray all of this, for today and for the rest of my life, God in Heaven, amen.


  1. Thanks! That song is really good! You should give it a listen :)

  2. thanks for sharing! Truly encouraging and motivating x

    1. Awe, thank you! I'm glad it helped! And thank you for stopping by!