Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valen-teeny-weenie's day, everyone! If you are wondering, that's what my mom and I have always said to each other on Valentine's day :) So you should feel very special.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to brag on my man and do a small weekend re-cap.

Taylor is not a planner. Other than our engagement, I've never really known him to plan anything. So for Valentine's Day, I didn't really expect a plan. I simply expected us to spontaneously decide where we'd be eating and watch a movie at home, which I was fine with.

But yesterday, I woke up late and Taylor had already left for school. I stumbled out of the bedroom towards the coffee pot and there on my desk sat the cutest stuffed panda bear (pictured below), a card with my nickname from freshman year of college, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. He got me this time :) I was so surprised that I actually cried a little!

When he got home we ate a small meal together, but I was hosting a Mary Kay party and Galentine's Day later that evening, so we didn't have much time.

Galentine's Day was great (more on that later), and today Taylor and I started the day by watching Friends and drinking coffee and then we went to Asheville, ate at the mall, and hung out at Barnes and Noble. I found a really cool devotional book that also is a health motivator, and Taylor bought a smart people book ;)

We walked around the mall a little while longer, stopped in at Aerie to say hi to a friend,
ate dinner at Clyde's (a local diner) and now we are at Taylor's parent's house watching the Duke game and the 3-Point Competition.

My first married Valentine's Day was so good. I love my man and am so thankful that he enjoys putting up with me ;)

How was everyone else's Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day/Saturday?