Comparison: The Thief of Joy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lately I have been thinking a lot about comparison, and figuring out a way to avoid it. Why? Because comparison is a thief- one that tries to steal any amount of joy that it can.

This is what comparison does to me:

1.) I compare my body to other people my age or others at the gym who are thin- doing this keeps me from appreciating the progress I am making each day.

2.) I compare the fact that we rent our home, to my friends who are buying houses- this makes me forget how much I love our home and that I am happy right where I am.

3.) I compare my walk with God to my friend's, family member's, and husband's walk with God- this makes me feel inadequate and condemned when I see that I am not growing at the same rate or in the same things that they are.

4.) I compare my personality to other women's personalities- this makes me feel that I should be just like them, and makes me not like myself as much. Or conversely, it can make me prideful, if I am comparing myself to someone who is obnoxious or hard to get along with.

God never intended these things in my life. He never wanted me to feel inadequate, condemned, or like a failure - and He never wanted that for you, either.

Ecclesiastes says that there is a time and a season for everything (Eccl. 3:1). God grows us all at different rates in our walks with Him. His timing for marriage, buying a house, kids, etc is different for each one of His children. God made us each with different traits, personalities and purposes, so that we could all help each other in our weaknesses...not so we could wish we were someone else.

All comparison does is cause jealously, a lack of thankfulness, and a lack of contentment- all of which are sins. Comparison destroys, which is Satan's favorite game.

Don't become a player in Satan's game. Refuse comparison, and put on thankfulness, trust, and hard work.

In what ways have you been comparing yourself to others, and what are some steps you can take to change that?


  1. I always have such trouble with this concept! That is why I really liked the Peony Project's prompt a few months ago on Contentment.

    1. I'm new to The Peony Project, so I didn't see that prompt, but that is awesome! :)

  2. Despite the fact we went at it from a different perspective, I appreciate your insights. Bottom line: when we compare we rob ourselves of joy. Blessings, Maureen

    1. So true! I think we both came out with pretty much the same conclusion. :)