Learning from Saint Patrick

Monday, March 16, 2015

***I originally published this post on St. Patrick's Day two years ago and I am sharing it again with you today.

Recently, I was talking to Taylor about St. Patrick's day. When I couldn't tell him anything about the history of the holiday, (my husband is a nerd- but at least he's cute 😍) he suggested that I look up the history of Saint Patrick, thinking I may find it interesting enough to write a post about it. And by golly, that smart man was right!

The History of St. Patrick

Hopefully I'm not the only one who didn't know all of this stuff- if so, you'll have to dig deep into your heart and forgive me 😉. Anywho, Saint Patrick (before he was a saint) was an English boy, but was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland at the age of 16. After six years, he made it onto a ship to go back to England. When he arrived, he still had to find his way back home, but he did eventually find his family.

Later in life, Patrick ended up traveling back to Ireland (of his own choosing) in order to spread the gospel. Though many were angered at his mission, Saint Patrick ended up converting and baptizing thousands of Irishmen and women. (source)


The history above is an extremely abridged version. There is so much more to the story. Saint Patrick dedicated his entire life to sharing the gospel where it/he was not wanted. He decided that life wasn't about being liked or comfortable, but that sharing his true conviction was more important than anything. Put simply, he took "you do you, boo!" to a whole other level.

Saint Patrick's life inspired me and got me thinking: Is there somewhere that I am not willing to go for Christ? This man could have easily said, "This is where I was enslaved! I refuse to step foot there again!". Surely this place and his time there haunted him; yet he still wanted to share Christ more than he wanted to stay in his "happy place".

Our church denomination is very big on sending missionaries to places in the Middle East where people have never heard the gospel before. While I think that is fantastic, and I admire that greatly, I'm scared silly when I think of being one of those people. Seriously: heavy-breathing, heart-pounding terrified. What if God called me to something uncomfortable and scary, like he did for Patrick? Would I go?

Now, I'm not insinuating that God is saying to pick the scariest place you can think of, or the most uncomfortable, and "just go"... no. God has deeper and more well-thought-out plans than that. But, God will sometimes call us to difficult things, and things that may seem scary.

I'm sure Saint Patrick was scared -or at least uncomfortable- about going back to his place of slavery. Even so, when God called, he went. And when he went, thousands came to know Jesus!

Is there somewhere (or something) uncomfortable or scary that God is calling you to? Or, if nothing else, does Saint Patrick inspire you do be more open to getting out of your comfort zone?


  1. I don't think I'd ever learned his history before. Thanks for sharing. And that box...the comfortable one...it takes courage to step outside of it for sure.

  2. Great job! I didn't know today was st Patrick's day until I got on fb. I can't imagine how grieved he would be to see how most ppl celebrate this day.

  3. I didn't know this cool history behind the day! Its hard to go somewhere scary even if you feel called, but I hope if I ever feel that way I'll still go!