House Hunting In Charlotte

Thursday, July 2, 2015
House-hunting in Charlotte, NC takes a lot out of a girl. Thank God for His trust-worthiness and for an awesome hubby, family, friends, and coffee too!

Last Wednesday, Taylor and I headed off to stay with my mom at my family's new farm just outside of North Carolina. Staying with her was great. We were able to visit with her in the evenings and go look at houses in Charlotte during the day.

Thursday was the first time I had ever really seen Charlotte. And I have to admit, it was terrifying! I to me, downtown Asheville is bog enough, but downtown Charlotte makes Asheville look like a toy!

We viewed a house and an apartment that morning, to no avail. One was ridiculously expensive and one was not in a very good area (and wasn't a very good property). We at lunch at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar in the Dillsworth area. That burger was so, so good! It had fried bacon on it!? Who does that???

Any-who... after lunch we continued our apartment and house hunt, which didn't result in much success. We did, however, get to visit my friend Stephanie and her mom, who I had not seen since our wedding. That was a plus :)

The next day was much of the same as far as housing goes, but we were able to finally tour Taylor's school, which was a huge blessing. One of the head honchos, a very nice man, took us out to lunch. We also met Beth, a super-sweet woman around our age who came to RTS from Australia! So cool! She told me all about the women's ministries the school has that reaches out to and builds community among the female students and wives of male students (that's me!). I am very excited about that. I am going to have a hard time leaving all of our loved ones in the mountains, so establishing a community in Charlotte is really important to me.

We viewed another house after touring the school, but that one wasn't the right fit for us either. Thankfully, that afternoon, Taylor took me to Smelly Cat Coffee, in the NoDa district of Charlotte.

That was on my list of things to do in Charlotte, and I already marked that one off! Woot-woot! A let me tell you, guys, that was one of the best frappe's I've ever had! Go try it. Now. ;)

After visit Steph and her fiance' again, we headed back to spend the evening with my mom. I really enjoyed having time with her again. I am thankful for any chance at get with her, but I never feel like it's enough. I cannot wait to live closer to each other!

Taylor and I headed back home the next morning. We had a good trip with mama and with each other, but we went away feeling very discouraged about the housing situation.

But regardless of our frustration, regardless of the fact that we want to know where we are living and yet we have no clue, we absolutely know that God will provide. We know He will lead us where to go; we just have to trust Him. And I am thankful for that. I am thankful that my impatience doesn't negate His faithfulness. My grumpiness doesn't take away His provision, and my over-planning doesn't freak Him out.

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