Don't Waste Your Summer

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
In just a few short days, Summer will be "over", kids will go back to school, grade-school sports will get back into gear, and Fall will emerge. Before that happens, why not take advantage of the Summer that is left?

Fall is coming! As a Fall enthusiast, I am so excited for pumpkin, cinnamon, colorful leaves, light-weight sweaters, leggings, and boots. And as much as I am ready for it to cool off a bit (or a lot), I definitely think there is something to be said for squeezing out and enjoying every last ounce of Summer.

I know that I haven't even come close to fulfilling my Summer to-do list.
I went to the pool maybe five or six times, I made pink lemonade, and we grilled out once.

I'm thankful for what I did get to enjoy, but I wish I could have done more.
But Summer isn't over yet.

Yesterday, my husband read me a quote by Kevin DeYoung that said:
Open the windows. Keep the kids up. Ride your bike. Jump in the water. Eat some ice cream. Give thanks to God and don’t waste your summer.  
This quote inspired me. I can still do some of the things I wanted to! It's not over until all of us white girls put on our leggings and start drinking Pumpkin Lattes...Just sayin'. It's true. Embrace the stereo-type ;)

So, I have put together a little list of things that you and I can (and should) do before the Summer ends, if at all possible!

1.) GO PADDLE BOARDING!!!!!! (this is my main goal)

2.) Swim in an outdoor pool

3.) Go to an ice cream shop

4.) Play mini-golf

5.) Make Lemonade

6.) Have a cookout

7.) Ride your bike

8.) Have a bonfire

9.) Go to the farmer's market

10.) Sit outside and watch the fireflies

If you can accomplish some (or better yet, all) of these, before Summer comes to a close, you'll be glad you did. Summer is a time for letting lose a bit and having fun, so make sure you participate before it disappears for another year.

Do you have anything you are dying to do before the Summer ends?

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  1. I am dying to have a picnic, especially since one of my friends had gotten us the perfect picnic basket for our wedding shower!

    1. Oh! A picnic would be nice too. I tend to skip that one in the South because of the ridiculous amount of bugs. haha. But they are super fun if you can find a bug-free-ish spot!

  2. I love visiting the farmer's market and watching fireflies in the summer. Another thing on my list is to make it to the zoo before summer ends. Despite being an adult, I still love seeing all the animals!

  3. I have done far too few of the things on your list this summer. Time to get to it!