Mug-spiration Monday *Volume 8*

Monday, August 10, 2015
Happy Monday! Got your coffee? Good :)

It's been so busy. Things are finally settling down- sort of. There are still plenty of boxes to unpack, still a job to find, and yesterday the church-hunt began. But that is all part of the adventure. Yep, even unpacking those boxes. Because adventure isn't just hiking Mt. Everest, or spending all day exploring. Adventure is also cleaning a new house with the love of your life, no makeup on, debating about where to put the couch, only to realize that there is only one way it will fit, so it doesn't matter ;)

Adventure is everywhere. Inspiration is everywhere. And the ability to be positive and embrace each day is at your fingertips. So whether your Monday holds lots of boxes left to tackle, a glorious day off, or inventory at your retail job, you still have the ability to enjoy the day; to make this day count.

Still need some extra convincing? Here are a few extra mug-spirations for you :)

Spiritual Inspiration- I couldn't decide which John Piper quote... this one, this one, or this one? ;)

Health Inspiration- this just made me laugh.

Career Inspiration- Work hard if it means anything to you.

Creative Inspiration- You'll know it when you find it.

Happy Monday, everyone! Got anything exciting coming up this week? Tell me about it in the comment section :)

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  1. Thanks for the Monday inspiration! I'm looking forward to the weekend because my old high school girlfriends and I are having a girls weekend upnorth! We are renting a cabin. I'm so excited!

  2. I love your outlook on the ability to embrace each day being at your fingertips!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  3. Moving really is an adventure in it's own way. I'm currently planning campus visit and choosing what 4 year university I want to go to. It's an equal adventure.

    1. Wow! What are your top contenders right now? That is such a wonderful adventure!

  4. Thanks for these quick links of inspiration. Love the last quote from Steve Jobs.