Announcing: The Get it Together Initiative 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Over the summer, I organized and facilitated the Get it Together Initiative: a health and weight loss challenge. The group was run through Facebook with rules and a point system.

The group seemed to really encourage most who participated actively, and several of the ladies have asked that we have another challenge.

So, I have decided to run another challenge. The challenge will start this Sunday (9/20) and run through October 31st.

The point system will be a little bit different this time around, simply because I learned from the last one :)

Rules and Point System

Daily Participation (Up to 3 points/day)- For every day that you share in the Facebook group (this can be a picture and description of a healthy recipe you made that day, a picture/description of what your workout was that day, a picture/description of your meal plan, etc.) You get 1 point per post and you can earn up to three points per day doing this. The purpose of this is that it encourages others to follow a healthy lifestyle too. If I had been craving a burger, but I log on to our group and see that you posted a picture and recipe for a yummy salad, it will be much easier for me to gather myself and eat healthy :)

Social Media- (1 point per day) There is a Pinterest Board designated for this group to pin healthy recipes, workouts, or motivational sayings to. Also, if you are on Instagram, you can use the hashtag #getittogetherinitiative to tag any workout/food/motivation you post to Instagram :) Since not everyone uses these platforms, this item is only worth one point/day, but I still think it would be a fun way to encourage each other on our journey :)

Weight Loss (up to 100 points)- At the beginning of this challenge, you will need to decide on a weight loss (or health) goal. For example, I hope to lose 10 pounds during this month-long challenge. If I lose all ten pounds (or more), I will get 100 points. If I lose 5 pounds, I would get 50 points.
The same goes with health goals. If your goal is to get 8 hours of sleep each nights and eat three servings of veggies every day for a month, and you do that, then you get 100 points. Just make sure you keep track of how often you accomplish your goals so that you can post them at the end of the challenge. If sleep and veggies was your goal for the month and you slept 8 hours a night 14 days out of the month, and you ate your 3 servings of veggies 25 days out of the month, then you would report that to me and I would convert that into points :) If that confused anyone, ask me questions in the comment section below.

I am really excited about the second round of this challenge. There is something wonderful about the community this creates. If this is something you might be interested in, comment below. You can (and will need to) also join the Facebook group if you wish to participate.

And also, you are welcome to follow the Pinterest Board, even if you don't want to be part of the challenge, but still would like the inspiration. If you do want to participate in the challenge, I can add you to the board so that you can pin to it.

I hope this group can encourage us all to take better care of our bodies and reach the goals we've been setting. Please join us in the journey.


  1. What a fun idea! Encouragement for eating healthier + exercise is definitely something I need!

  2. I wish I was as organized and motivated to do something like this! It's a great idea. Found you at #JoyHopeLive... Your blog is really fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea! this is great motivation!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing with us at #JoyHopeLive!