Mug-spiration Monday *Vol. 17* and a Battle Against Sand

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Monday and happy November. I am not going to lie, I'm kind of bummed that October is over, but I am thankful for this beautiful weather that keeps coming at us here in North Carolina. It really has been gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I've really had a hard time with my energy level lately. I am so tired and very unmotivated. My Mondays- actually everyday- are spent wanting to lay around under a blanket while doing nothing. Fortunately, I have an adorable 11-month-old that I nanny that forces me to function as a human being. But the struggle is definitely real. I would love to tell you that today I am "all perky and crap", and I would love to tell you that you should be as perky as me and to "embrace this beautiful Monday", but I'm pretty sure that is called lying ;) The tireds are winning today so I cannot give much advice. However, what I can give you is a very entertaining story about me against a bag of sand... intrigued yet? ;)

Farm girls versus the 1,100 pound bag of sand

Yes, you read it correctly- 1,100 pounds. You see, I visited my Mom and Nana at the farm on Saturday, and my mom went to Lowes to buy sand for a project of some sort. When she was at the store, there were guys to load it onto the back of her truck, but when she got it home, it was just us vs. a giant bag of warrior sand. First, we tried pulling it together. The sand didn't budge- like at all...I wish someone had been filming us, because it had to be the most ridiculous sight. Next, we tied a rope to the ginormous bag, attached the rope to the ATV, and started pulling. The bag moved a little, but then started tearing. We did eventually get the bag of sand off of the truck, but only after much laughter, the threat of peeing our pants from said laughter, and the bag of sand tearing, opening, and falling upside down out of the truck.


We both look pretty rough. Who needs beauty shots? :p

I love the farm :)

The fight.
I may not be able to give you much Monday advice today, but I definitely have given you reason to have a good laugh. So go out into the world today, knowing that you can conquer any bag of dirt you face! And just in case that isn't the best advice you've ever heard (though I'm sure it is), here are a few more inspirations for your day!

Mug-spiration Monday Inspirations

Job Inspiration- Be crazy enough.

Spiritual Inspiration- I need this every single day.

Health Inspiration
- Enjoy it!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday in the Lord :)

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  1. I'm not feeling particularly motivated on this rainy Monday either, thanks for the encouragement!

  2. This was too funny! I have similar stories with my mom (none involving sand) but many involving laughing until we almost pee our pants.

    1. It is such a blessing to have fun moments with family!