November: Goals and Do-Overs

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy November, everyone! 

How was your October? Mine was beautiful. It still was a little bit trying emotionally as we are still getting adjusted to a new life and my anxiety has been overactive too. But despite the emotional side of things, I am happy to say that October was somewhat better than September, and I can definitely tell that Taylor and I are feeling more settled into this new adventure.

I also was thrilled that Charlotte actually looked like Fall through October. Since we moved from the mountains, I was scared that a Charlotte Fall would pale in comparison, but it has been absolutely gorgeous! There has been plenty of color and wonderful weather. I go to the park fairly often and it has just been a perfect month for enjoying that. I am loving the falling leaves, crunching acorns under my feet, and the ability to finally bundle up. Good job, October! You did good.

Speaking of October, let's recap my goals for the past month.

October Goals:

1.) Read the Bible 2 times per week
I did good with Audio Bible this Month. I think most weeks I listened around three nights/week. I still want to actually read my Bible, but at least I was hearing the Word more.

2.) Meet my Weight Goal
When I talked about this goal, I mentioned that I had lost 5 pounds and wanted to lose more. Unfortunately, I gained a pound back. #fail

3.) Cook at least 4 times per week
Gosh, I didn't even remember that I had listed this as a goal. I barely cooked at all.

4.) Blog 4 times per week
Unfortunately, I only blogged an average of 3 times per week during the month of October. I also did less blog promotion and focused more on growing my social media platforms. This resulted in my page views for the month decreasing, but my social media accounts growing. Both are needed, so I need to find a better balance during November. I have listed my stats for October 2nd- November 1st below:

Blog Pageviews- 2,056 (decreased by approximately 700 views).
I honestly cannot figure this one out. I know I had less views, but on a daily basis, it didn't seem so drastic. I am wondering if my stats are not functioning properly (it's happened before).

Twitter- 187 (increased by 11). This makes me laugh a little. I hate Twitter. I need to grow it, but I go days without getting on Twitter, so I am a little surprised I gained followers... but I'm glad.

Instagram- 299 (increased by 28). I am pretty happy about my Instagram growth. I find it hard to gain followers on Insta, so I am happy to see a positive change.

Bloglovin'- 170 (increased by 19). I am most interested in seeing Bloglovin' and Instagram grow, so I am glad that these saw the most improvement.

Since I didn't do so well with my October goals, I am keeping the same goals for November. Hopefully this month will prove to be more structured and goal-oriented.

How about you: do you have goals for November? Did you meet last months goals?

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  1. I love that you make goals. Goals keep up accountable and strive for more. Don't feel bad about the can always lose it again! I made a goal this month to lose 5lbs.

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your goals. I'm also striving to post more along with worrying about numbers less. They drive me crazy lol.

  3. Good luck with November! Honestly, I kind of hate twitter too. It's a necessary evil lol.

  4. Great goals! I am sure November will have you meeting all of them!

  5. Congrats on all of your social media growth! And page views can be tricky sometimes especially with bots. One day I'll have high page views on a post and I'll check where from, and a lot are coming from bogus sites and web pages. So make sure to keep checking your google analytics to see who is viewing and visiting your site. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, that is very true. Those stupid bots! lol

  6. I didn't succeed with my October goals either so fingers crossed for November!!

  7. These are great goals! I pretty much always have the goal of cooking more each week, and pretty much never end up actually doing so.

  8. Good luck with your goals! I also spent October growing my social media which has seen a decline in my blog views, but it's definitely about finding the balance!

  9. I hope you get everything figured out with your stats!