Be All of You- Not Some Half-Rate Version of You (Mug-spiration Monday)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Monday! By the time you wonderful people are reading this, I will be at the beach. Hopefully by then I will be super tan (er... freckled) and have had plenty of Italian Ice from my favorite beach stop!

But enough about me! Do you have your coffee? If you are drinking something yummy along with me, I'd love to see. Use the hashtag "#mugmonday" on Twitter or Instagram to show off your Monday pick-me-up!

Now, who is ready for a little Mug-spiration Monday!

Do you ever have times when you are "kind-of" yourself? I mean, you don't hide who you are entirely, but you don't let the "real you" fully show either? I do that for sure.

-I get embarrassed about my sense of humor and don't joke as much if people don't "get me".

-I scale back my bubbly, outgoing side if I feel like people don't like me.

-I tell half-truths about what I like and dislike when it's obvious my real interests will be scoffed at.

Anybody guilty right along with me?

The thing is, wonderfuls, you all have something beautiful about you. You aren't perfect, but you still have qualities that deserve to shine.

Don't Let Your Flaws Dictate Your Life

You may have some trouble with arrogance sometimes, but that doesn't mean you should hide your gifts that you are proud of. Your flaws don't negate your talents. You are simply human and have some things to work on.

Just because you sometimes struggle with anger and a combative personality doesn't mean you should never express your opinions. It only means you need to learn to control your anger. Don't hide your opinions because you might get mad. Instead, share your opinions and work on doing so kindly and with understanding towards others.

Just because you like to listen to Polka music while you paint your nails doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. Just because I LOVE the Jonas Brothers doesn't mean I am weird. There are plenty of reasons to call me weird, but that isn't one of them ;)

Don't Hide Your Shine

When we hide who we are- quirks and all- the world is missing something vital. They are missing our shine.

From the littlest of things like your polka music, to the big things like your talents that you are hiding away, it doesn't do the world any good when we are only half-us.

We shine bright when we stop worrying about what others think and start really being ourselves. When we let our loud laughs, our goofy smiles, and our strange-but-funny habits come into light, we make the world a little bit better place.

-Don't hide your smile because you don't like your teeth- people need smiles more than they need gorgeous teeth.

-Don't stop making people laugh just because some people don't understand your jokes.

-Don't allow trials or people's opinions to keep you from pursuing your dreams. A bumpy road usually shouldn't be enough to hinder your ambitions.

-Don't change your passions because someone you love criticizes them.

-Don't be afraid to talk about tough concepts and ideas. Your opinion matters.

All of You

Being yourself- being all of you- can be tough when you let others dictate how you feel about yourself. But when you love yourself enough to see yourself through God's eyes, and decide to be the person you are capable of being, great things happen.

Don't be a half-rate version of yourself. Be all of you!

Have an awesome Monday, wonderfuls!


  1. Love this so much! These are such great reminders.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. I really love this post! I enjoy the little quirks that make people unique (like listening to polka music, LOL!). - Trish

  3. I love this post. Definitely be the best version of yourself and love who you are xxx

  4. I so very much needed this today, girl! I love your Monday series full of encouragement. this caught me because I've been so insecure about my teeth lately, but just the other day someone told me that I had a beautiful smile and it made me rethink things. I can't be so insecure! I just need to be myself.

    1. I am so glad this was encouraging to you, friend! I'm right there with you! There are so many insecurities that we need to let go of, but sometimes it's just hard to do!

  5. This is great! It is so important to share with the world that it is OKAY to be your true self. The world today has so many stereotypes, body-shamers, expectations, etc. etc. - that it is hard to remember that we are beautiful as long as we see ourselves as beautiful. We are normal as long as we are confident and embrace ourselves. PS. I may have tried to find a way to sneak into Jonas Brothers' backstage entrance at a concert - I failed. You aren't weird if I'm not. :P

    1. Muahahahahaha! Man, I wish I were with you when you tried! I'm just jealous you got to go to a concert!

  6. I love the "Don't Hide Your Shine" section of this post! Enjoy the beach!

  7. This is just a beautiful post! Definitely encouraged by it as I have been trying really hard lately to be myself all the time! Thanks for sharing!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    1. I am so glad that this was encouraging to you, Molly! It takes daily effort, that's for sure!