Picking the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Friday, July 22, 2016
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I have always been a gift-girl. I feel loved when I receive thoughtful gifts from those I'm closest to, and I show my love to them by putting thought and effort into the gifts I give to them. Gifts have always been a part of my love language, and though I show my affection in all sorts of ways, I tend to revert back to gift-giving as my go-to way to show the wonderfuls in my life that they matter.

However, as much as I love giving gifts, sometimes it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for the people we cherish most. But there's always something awesome we can find to give if we just know how and where to look.

3 Ideas for Picking the Perfect Gift

Make it Yourself

I know that some people don't feel "crafty", but friend, you can do it. If you would like to make your loved-one something special, but you've always been too scared to try, now's the time! There are all sorts of tutorial videos on Youtube, detailed projects on Pinterest, and supplies galore at places like Michael's, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby!

Personally, since I make jewelry and candles, I love to give those things as gifts because I can use something I am good at to show love to friends and family.
But whether you are crafty or not, I hope that you'll give handmade gifts a try. There are very few people who just can't do it!

Give Time Instead of Stuff

When I was younger, I would give away my time by making "coupons" for "Mommy-Daughter date night", or "a day of shopping" with my best friend. These "coupons" could be cashed in at any time and were a fun gesture.

It may sound cheesy (ok, I know it sounds cheesy), but I still think these are a great idea- especially for those of us who have a shoe-string budget.

Think about it- how often do you get to see your dad? How often do you have lunch with your sister? Why not make them a "coupon" as a gift? Promise them lunch at any restaurant of their choosing (your treat), or a commitment to seeing the newest superhero movie with them (no matter how much you hate super-heroes).

Most recipients will appreciate the gesture and be very glad to have some extra time to spend with you!

Be Helpful

I think one of the best gifts in the world is one that has been thought out and is helpful to that specific individual. For example, right now I am reading Wild and Free and I am finding it incredibly helpful and encouraging. I'm only three chapters in, but I already have three different friends who I would love to give this book to. But alas! Unfortunately, paying full-price is a hard thing to manage at this point in life. Thankfully though, Groupon Coupons allow me to find awesome deals at places like Barnes and Noble, making it feasible for me to order these books for my wonderful friends!

It doesn't have to be books though. Groupon Coupons let you find deals at a variety of places like:


Foot Locker 

Bed, Bath & Beyond

And many more!

This way, if your bestie is almost out of her favorite makeup, you can search Groupons for Sephora and find discounts on what you already know she needs. If your mom's bedspread has bitten the dust, you can search to see if there are any bedding deals at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Now you can use your gift-giving talents to show love and be super helpful at the same time!

Are you a natural gift-giver, or do you struggle to find a present when birthdays and holidays roll around? Comment below.


  1. I love to give gifts. I've often been told that I know how to pick out the right gift and am sometimes consulted by people on what gift to give. I think a lot of it is about being observant of people. Picking up on those small cues about their favorite things. I think it's a fun challenge to come up with a unique gift.

    1. I agree, Marsha! That is something that I absolutely love and feel like I am good at!

  2. I struggle to find the right gift for certain people, but I'm always so excited when I find something that is just perfect! One year I gave my sister a month of lunches and it was by far her favorite gift that year. Spending time together was really a gift to both of us.

  3. Love these tips! Giving time and experiences is probably my favorite way to gift give now that I'm older and realize how special those kind of gifts really are!

    1. It really is a great way to go in almost any circumstance!