A Contented Hustle: November Goals

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November? Really? How is it already November? In Charlotte, the weather is still in the low 80s, the leaves keep dancing back and forth between remaining green and going ahead and throwing themselves off the trees prematurely. I've got to tell you, it's turning me into a crazy person. Every day I wake up hoping the weather man was wrong, and that today will finally be the day that North Carolina wakes up and smells the Pumpkin Lattes. Maybe today it will be Fall.

But as much as I wish the weather would turn crisp and the leaves would change colors, I've still had a very good Fall. October was birthday month for me and Taylor and we both managed to surprise each other with the birthday festivities we planned for one another. And I actually made myself proud because I have already checked off half of the items on my Fall Bucket List!

What's left on the list?
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Go to a bonfire
  • Carve or Decorate a Pumpkin (I may not do this one- I'm enjoying my plain pumpkins. #fulldisclosure ;)
  • Take lots of pictures (I will once the leaves change)
  • Take a walk in the park (I've already done this but I'd like to do it a few more times).
I'd like to use November as the time to check those items off the list. It would make me feel really good if I was able to do them all. But even if I can't, at least I know that I have already had a very full Fall filled with pumpkin patches, pumpkin parties, and apple orchard fun (see full list).

Focusing on One Main Thing

November is going to be a ridiculously busy month for Taylor and I. He will be coming into crunch time for his school work, and I will be making a really large candle order (praise God!) on top of work and blogging. I also have several guest post deadlines and some posts I would love to create for the upcoming holiday seasons. It will be a month of hustling for sure.

But something I want to focus on this month is being content in the season I'm in. The Bible says that godliness with contentment is of great gain ( 1 Timothy 6:6) but I often (like, very often) find myself waiting for "that thing" that I feel will make me happy. I put so much focus on what I hope will one day be, that I forget to enjoy today.

Don't misunderstand- there's nothing wrong with a good goal, and you should work really hard for your dreams and what you are called to, but when hustle replaces our ability to be content, we've got a problem.

So in November, I want to learn to "hustle contentedly". I want to learn the art of being completely happy with this day, even if the leaves don't change color, and even if it's 85 degrees. I want to be so thankful and joyful about the blessings of this day, that I don't complain, I don't focus on "one day", but instead I live well TODAY. And yet, I want to learn how to do all those things, and still be working persistently, wisely, and passionately towards my dreams and goals-towards the "tomorrow" I look forward to.

I Need Help

Honestly, that sounds impossible to me right now. I have no idea how to do both. I tend to be a woman of extremes. I can either focus on contentedness OR I can focus on passionately pursuing my dreams... I don't know how to focus on both. But since I believe that the two being combined is actually what's best, what's ideal, and what's intended, there must be a way. This is where the prayer and trusting God part comes in. I cannot- no way, no how- do this on my own. 

I know though, that God is pleased with my wanting to learn to do both of these things. It's really just a matter of kicking my own butt into gear. God will help me on this journey, but I have to make sure that I am also willing to put in the work. I can't sit around thinking about how sad I am that I haven't met ______ goal yet. But I also can't sit around all day sighing happy sighs because I am just so dang content. I still have to hustle- just in the right way.

Do you have any goals for the month, my friend? Do you find balance to be hard for you in the areas of contentment and pursuing your goals? Comment below- I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I love this Kristin! "Hustle contentedly" Love this! Obedience to God in EVERYTHING is really something that keeps hitting home and I just want to be sure I'm obeying in ALL things. And sometimes when we hustle to hustle because we feel we have to keep up with something, we miss what we're really supposed to be doing. Great post!

  2. I definitely feel ya on this, my friend! You put into words what I feel most days. I've noticed it A LOT with raising Titus, I couldn't wait to have him, now I can't wait till he's old enough to do the dishes! hehe Anyway, I know that's a little different from hustling, but I need to enjoy today! I also need to remind myself of what someone told me (I wish I could remember where I heard this from) that as long as I'm moving forward, it's progress :)

  3. My best friend lives in Charlotte - it's so beautiful there but I imagine it being difficult and strange having summer weather in late October/November! Here in NY it's in the 70s today (and days ago it was in the 50s). We're all over the place! My goal is to get back on track from a fitness standpoint and to continue to enjoy the season before it gets VERY cold here :)

  4. I'm not emotionally ready to say goodbye to October just yet! haha! But I can definitely relate to what you're writing here Kristin, I'm really trying to find my "enough" in just being, not having. Just enjoying the simple things, mother nature, my pups, everyday life. Chasing our professional dreams has to be a natural part of that!

  5. I feel you right now. I'm feeling the overwhelm too and am also in the "I need help" boat but I can't afford to hire help so I'm just spinning my wheels trying to get ahead. Find comfort in your family and the Lord this month. It'll all be ok. HUGS!

  6. Oh my goodness, your goals match mine almost perfectly-I have been wishing for a bonfire, but Alabama is in a drought and we can't burn anything, it's so sad!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. I love the idea of a contented hustle! I need to work on this as well.

  8. I need this also! Thanks for sharing! :)