Helpful Tips for Fall and Thanksgiving

Friday, November 4, 2016

Are you feeling overwhelmed about the holidays already? Are you hoping to have a fun, laid-back, and stress-free Thanksgiving with your family and friends? Learn how to have a fantastic Thanksgiving with the help of these tips and resources.

Happy Friday, lovelies! This has been a very busy week with lot's of tasks on my to-do list. Lot's of candles to make (praise God for business!), lots of blogging goals to meet, and most pressing has been getting ready for our joint yard sale with my mom.

Despite all the busyness going on around the Cook house though, I have really been feeling good about my blog lately. There's a lot I haven't accomplished yet, but there's also a lot that I have been proud of. I'll take it! 😁

And if you saw my November Goals post on Wednesday, you know that I am trying really hard to accomplish the things that are important to me, without missing the blessings that are right in front of me- I'm calling it my contented hustle. I think it sounds like the newest dance...buuuut, maybe that's just me.

I guess I could stop yammering on, because I know you are ready for your Friday links to read with your coffee. I don't really blame you. There's some pretty awesome stuff in there 😎

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! These tips and resources for the Thanksgiving holiday should come in handy!

Food For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Whether you are cooking the whole meal yourself, attending a potluck, or bringing the side dish to your mom's house, I've got you covered!

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How to Create a Beautiful, Thanksgiving Tablescape

  1. If you are looking for a way to make a Thanksgiving tablescape that is beautiful, personal, and simple to make, then check out this idea from Craftivity Designs for using family photos as place cards. It's a great way to add a personal touch.
  2. I LOVE these "Thankful For" Place Cards. They are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. These Pumpkin Leaf Tags are precious! I love the thoughtfulness and simplicity!
  4. Pumpkins are always a safe bet. If none of these other options work for you, you can always grab some miniature pumpkins from the store and set them up on your table. Cute, cheap, and easy. That's what I call a win!

Give Thanks Always

This time of year seems to make people a little more aware of their levels of thankfulness and gratitude. My hope, however, is to see people (myself included) be more conscious of this year-round. Fortunately for me, I have some encouraging friends who see what there is to be thankful for in each situation. Vanessa of Tapestry Chronicles is no exception as she shares how mommyhood has made her thankful!

We were made to live in a state of constant thanksgiving. We have been given the greatest gift in the world - Jesus Christ, along with His love, forgiveness, and fellowship. So as we enter into this holiday season, let's be mindful about our thankfulness. We can set reminders on our phones, put note cards around our homes, or even decorate our houses in ways that help us focus on giving thanks. We all need a little nudge in the right direction sometimes!

Keep Your Holiday Stress-Free

If you are thinking about the holidays and getting stressed already, you may need to shift your mindset, but you may also need to find a way to lessen that stress. My friend, Elizabeth, wrote a post on how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving a while back that may help you beat the stress and enjoy the moment instead.

I also think it's really important to have a plan. There are tons of good ideas out there on how to reduce your stress level during the holidays, and I thought I'd share a few with you here.

How to have a stress-free Thanksgiving


Hopefully you found these tips to be useful and helpful for the upcoming holidays!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!! Thank you for featuring me! I feel honored :)
    The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow for a yard sale! Enjoy it with your new pumpkin roll! I've never made a pumpkin roll either, or any kind of roll for that matter, so I might have to give it a try :)
    Hugs and Love!

  2. You sound very busy, dedicated, and grateful (:
    Oh, and that pumpkin rolls looks delish!
    Enjoy it <3

  3. I've never had a pumpkin roll but I feel like I need to get on it! I have a pumpkin that's been sitting around and I can't wait to make something with it!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  4. Oooh the pumpkin roll recipe sounds FABULOUS. Thanks for sharing that one!!

  5. Wow! The moment I clicked on your blog, I immediately fell in love with it! I love the colors and your focus! I love your tone of voice! Haha, and I love moments when you stumble across a blog and think "ah! This is great! Follow, follow, follow!"

    Haha, anywayyy! What an awesome roundup of things! I've never thought to try a pumpkin roll but it sounds absolutely amazing! And those are awesome tips for being less stressed this Thanksgiving. I love this! Thanks for posting!

  6. Oh it's such a great idea to prepare some things in advance! Thanks for sharing these posts! :)

  7. That Pumpkin roll recipe looks delicious! I love that schedule post too! And thank you for the shoutout! You are so kind!! :) Love this post!

  8. I love this and I love that post about destressing!

  9. Love the roundup of fall posts/thanksgiving tips! This is my favorite time of year, and it's so important to stay focused on thankfulness instead of stressing! :)

  10. What a busy time for you! I'm looking forward to the fun parts of the holiday busyness and trying to find ways to curb the stress and up the coziness. :) That pumpkin roll looks amazing -- the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee!

  11. I would love to be able to have regular pumpkin baking at home. You've reminded me of the things I love about fall, that I perhaps had forgotten recently. Thanks!