Coffee Sips and Lovely Links: FREE Resources to Help You Stay Healthy and Get in Shape!

Friday, January 20, 2017
Get Healthy and In Shape

I am so happy that today is Friday, I might just break out a Rebecca Black music video... Actually, I'm not quite that happy about it 😝. This week has felt so long to me and I am excited about sleeping in tomorrow and hanging out with my brother for the weekend. I sense that Mario Kart: Double Dash is in my near future! Woot woot!

But one thing I have really been trying to work on this week is staying healthy even when I want to drown all of my emotions in food. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I did excellently- because that'd be a lie. I ate bad things multiple times this week. BUT, what I did do was eat less overall and made sure that about 60% of what I ate was healthy. That may not sound so great, but that's about 20% better than I was doing a few weeks ago, so I am pleased.

Losing weight and getting healthy is so hard, guys! It drives me nuts! But I know that it is worth it, and I know it's what I want to do. Thankfully though, I don't have to do it alone, because I have found some awesome bloggers who encourage me to stay strong through their blogs, their email newsletters, and through chatting with them on Facebook.

So today, I am going to share three of my favorite, free resources to help you get in shape and stay healthy.

Free Resources to Help You Get Healthy and In Shape

I've talked about Autumn and her blog (It's Autumn) before, but now she is offering a weekly newsletter with free tips for health and fitness, as well as workouts that she shows how to do. She doesn't spam you or anything like that and she has a really fun, vibrant personality. Sign up for the It's Autumn newsletter.

Marsha Apsley is another awesome lady who coaches and counsels women and helps to empower them to find their unique fit and follow a health and fitness plan that's right for them. She has been a guest here on TPT before, and she is someone who is passionate for what she does and will stand by you! So if you are looking for a coach who can help you get healthy without the gimmicks our culture tries to throw at us, you may want to talk to Marsha! She offers a newsletter in which she will send weekly encouragement for your health and fitness journey. 

My most recent discovery in the health and fitness world is Becky of So Very Blessed. Becky has a great weight-loss story and now she shares it to teach others how to lose weight, keep it off, and have right focus. I love this girl already! She is so sweet and I joined her Facebook group and I can already tell that she is going to be a great encouragement! You can also sign up for Becky's email newsletter  and get her guide of 101 Small Changes to Start Making Right Now- for free.

I hope that you find all of these resources helpful. They are all a little different in the way that they do things and that is good. Check them all out, see who encourages you most, and keep up your hard work. And if you don't have any health/fitness goals, still apply this same strategy: Find a trusted mentor/encourager, find tools to help you succeed, and keep persevering!


  1. Kristin, thank you so much! You are so sweet to include me here. I'm glad you find my information helpful. It's certainly my passion to see women living fit and from the noise of society and free to honor her unique body. I'm so glad you can feel my heart and passion for this! Means so much! I appreciate you. Keep up the good work. I know this is going to be a great year for you!

  2. Thanks for these resources. I need all the help I can get!
    Looking forward to exploring these.

  3. Great resources/people to know about! Thanks for sharing! My focus is health over weight loss. Love these!

  4. Thanks for sharing these free healthy resources! :)