Why We Have to Do Hard Things: I'm on The Speckled Goat

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you've been hanging out around these parts for very long, you probably know that I like things in life to remain at one setting: easy. I like slow mornings with multiple cups of coffee. I like to have a soft, cushy chair, a smooth, fluffy blanket, and I like to relax- it's my favorite after-school activity 😋

There's something to be said for spending time resting and relaxing. In fact, it's very healthy. But relaxation can turn into laziness and laziness can turn into not wanting to do anything that's difficult, that's challenging, or that stretches us.

We have to do many hard things in life, so living in a way that stands opposed to anything difficult just isn't going to cut it.

Today, I am a guest over at The Speckled Goat. I am honored to be working with Ally, who is one of my favorite bloggers.

So please take a little extra time to head over to The Speckled Goat to read more about why we have to do hard things, need to do hard things, and why doing hard things is good for us.