You Can Do That Thing You've Been Wanting to Do! (Mug-spiration Monday)

Monday, February 27, 2017

It's that time again- the time where we shuffle out of bed to the sound of our alarm, sleepy-eyed and yawning. Our day holds so much potential for goodness, but all we can think about is coffee....or is that just me? 😜

Once we get our coffee going and wake up a little, it's time to really start the day. We can't predict for sure what type of day it will be. With all the unknowns in life, there's only so much we can control. 

We can't control the weather, we can't control the traffic, we can't control our co-worker's attitudes, or our boss' mood. We can't control that the drive-thru line at Wendy's took up half of our break, or that the car in front of us on the way home is driving 10 under the speed limit.

But today I don't want to talk about what we can't control. Instead, I'd like to talk about something you can control.

Stop focusing on the hard parts of life, thinking you can't chase your dreams. It's not true. You can always choose to chase your dreams- even with the tiniest of steps.

I know that it sounds simplistic, but no matter what is going on in life, you can still chase after your dreams. You can make decisions that lead you closer to where you want to be. Whether it be a choice to take the stairs instead of the elevator to aid in weight-loss, choosing to read before bed instead of watching Netflix for the third hour in a row, or dedicating 30 minutes per day to work on your novel, you can work towards those goals.

Sometimes life get's really, really tough. We can go through so hard things and feel like we can't keep our heads above water, but even then we can take baby steps. We don't always have to take huge strides in order to be achieving something.

From something as small as an unkind word from a co-worker, to something as tumultuous as losing a loved-one, we don't have to give in even then. Obviously, a more extreme circumstance like losing a loved-one may require taking a little break. But no matter what our life holds, we still have little choices to make every day.

We can choose to do our best in everything we do.

We can choose productivity over laziness.

We can choose to look for the good when all seems bad.

We can choose to chase our dreams when they seem impossible or far away.

You can chase your dreams. So do it!

Remember that you are strong and can overcome difficult situations.

Remember that God's power works within your weakness.

Remember that you are talented.

Remember that you are passionate about your dreams for a reason.

Remember that failure doesn't mean you have no talent- rather, it's an opportunity to learn and grow.

Remember that you can't get where you want to go unless you take the first step.

Remember to actively chase your dreams. Why? Because you can. Because you should. Because you are able. And because you have the freedom and privilege to do so. So stop making excuses. Stop putting it off. You can chase your dreams. So go do it.

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  1. Most dreams and goals can be broken down into small steps. The best way to make progress is by taking just one step at a time.

  2. Aah, this is a breath of fresh air this morning. I love the encouraging tone, and if you put some of these tips on mugs I'd definitely buy one!

  3. My mantra is "focus on your locus." There's only so much I can control. The rest I leave up to God!

  4. I am most confident when I get to the place where I say, "I can't do this, but with God I can do anything." I'm feeling that way today about finding a new job.

  5. "Forget all the things you can't do. Instead, remember all the things you can do!" Yes! I love this reminder to keep chasing our dreams. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Kristin,

    Thank you very much for your much needed words of inspiration on this Monday.

    My Monday's go something like this: Rolls out of bed, crawls to her laptop and looks down at her to do list.

    The week starts with a long list of to-dos, and a sigh as I wonder if I can really get it all done. A slight pain for hours wasted in the past too.

    But, yes, you are right I can do it. All I have is now and all I can do is my best.

    I choose to chase my dreams even if they seem impossible and in some far away land where I have conquered every to-do list and task.

    Thanks beauty,

    Nadalie, <a href=">It's All You Boo</a>

  7. So needed this today! What a great post. You are so great at encouragement. Love your heart for others! :)

  8. I've been feeling super motivated so far this year, but have slacked off on my blogging over the last few weeks. This is super motivational! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this "pick me up"! It's what I needed to hear right now.

  10. Thank you for this "pick me up". It's what I needed to hear right now!

  11. SOO grateful that God's power works through my weakness...and it's just another reminder I really need him for everything!

  12. This is such a great reminder! I feel I get so caught up in all I haven't accomplished I forget about what I do. Thanks for sharing this!