Find Your Blogging Community: How to Find Them, What to Look For, and Why You Need One

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anyone who meets me will learn pretty quickly that I am totally, completely in love with blogging. I love creating content and graphics. I love promoting, and I even love the tedious tasks. But one thing that I particularly love is the community I've found with other bloggers.

There are quite a few people that I have never met in person and yet we have exchanged gifts and Christmas cards, we've talked about deeper issues, and I truly believe that if I were in trouble, a few of them would try their best to help me.

Sadly, some bloggers don't have this type of community. They don't have "blogging besties" and they have no idea how to find one.

If that sounds like you, keep reading. This post is for you!

Find Your Blogging Community: How, Where, and Why

What is a Blogging Group?

A blogging group is a Facebook group set up so that bloggers can come together to connect, get to know each other, support and mentor one another, and help each other grow their reach and influence. There are thousands-upon-thousands of blog groups and they all vary in one way or another. But I am pretty confident that there is something out there for everyone if they know how and where to look.

How to Find a Blogging Group

Go to your search bar and type "blogging group". It's as simple as that. A bunch of different one's will appear. If any of them sound interesting, just click "join" and an admin will have to add you.

Many bloggers have written posts about good blogging groups to join. Seach Pinterest for "Facebook Blogging Groups" and a bunch of those posts will pop up.

Bloggers that you respect and follow along with
If you follow a blogger that you really respect, try to connect with them and ask them if they have any good recommendations. If this blogger is a bigger blogger with a ton of followers, give them some time to answer. It can take more than a week for some bloggers to answer.

What to Look For in a Blogging Group

1. Admins that are kind, understanding, and organized
Finding a group with good admins is one of the main things you should look for. Why? Because if the admin is disorganized, the group most likely will be too. There are some groups out there that have extremely nice admins, but threads are never posted on time and things are often forgotten. These groups may have good people, but they make it hard for blog growth to occur.

On the flip side, if an admin isn't understanding, there will be little room for mistakes (which everyone makes). And if the admin isn't kind, the group will not be a pleasant or encouraging place.

A few months ago, I joined a blogging group that (based on the name of the group) should have been a great place to learn, grow, and build community. But the admin came across as angry and bitter. She snapped at multiple people who were just trying to have a conversation with her. One day, I jumped in on a conversation. I was kind, but tried to explain a problem some people in the group were having. A few minutes later, I realized I had been banned from the group, despite the fact that I had remained kind and peaceful. Honestly, I didn't really care that I was kicked out because I had already decided to leave. But this story serves to show that if you don't have good admins who love and respect their group well and are open to constructive criticism, it is probably not a group worth staying in.
2. Members (and admins) that make you feel encouraged and supported
Another thing that you should be looking for in the blogging community is a group filled with encouraging members. In my opinion, the best type of groups are the one's with members who write you within group threads just to say they enjoyed your content. People who leave long, genuine, and thoughtful comments on your content are also a huge indicator of a good group. The support and encouragement will mean more to you than you realize.
3. Offers what you are looking for (threads vs discussions/ advice vs promotions)
One other things I would add, is that you need to really know what you want. Do you want to grow your numbers, your social media reach, and your blog stats? Or do you want a group where you can check in and ask questions and have discussion threads? I am in several groups that do both, but if I had to pick, I'd pick promotion groups. I think community is just as possible with those groups and of course I want to grow! However, I do know people who prefer groups that are soley for discussion and asking questions. You need to decide what you prefer.

4. (In my opinion) Small is better
Look for groups with no more than 4,000 members (ideally smaller). I have found that it's hard to build a tight-knit community or get noticed in a group much bigger than that. But that is just my opinion.

How to Find Your Ideal Blogging Community

Supportive Blogging Groups I Love

Blog Passion Project
As one of the admins in this group, I know I'm biased when I say that I love this group. However, I have always adored BPP. I have been in the group pretty much since it first started and I have gained most of my best blogger friends from being a part of this community. There are daily threads to participate in, and the admins all work together to try to make this a space for community that goes beyond threads.

Blogging with Heart
BWH has quickly become another favorite for me. I have been a member of this group for quite a while now and I have been so blessed by the authenticity of the community and the kindness, care, and organization that the admins put into everything they do. I highly recommend this group too.

Growing Social Media for Bloggers
This group is a bit bigger than the others I'm in, but as long as you get into the threads early in the day, it's a great place to participate. I'm a bit newer to this group and haven't really gone any further than doing threads, so I cannot speak to the community aspect of it. However, I do really like several of the admins, if that's worth anything to you. haha!

Christian Women Bloggers Unite
This is a great group for Christian women who blog. There is one thread per day, but it's a really great group of ladies who seem to follow through and who are very kind and encouraging.

Do you have any blog group suggestions, or questions about this whole concept? Comment below!


  1. Thank you for sharing this list of blogging communities, I am a new blogger and need all of the help and support I can get, God bless you!

  2. Finding a blogging community you connect with and everyone supports each other is key and so helpful.

  3. Oh gosh I wish I had had this wonderful full-of-information post when I started! I agree with all of it and belong to and love many of the groups you mentioned. My blogging friendships have been awesome!

  4. Thanks for sharing these, Kristin! I've definitely got some more groups to check out now! :)

  5. What a great resource here! Thanks for sharing. So happy that we could connect through social media. I've linked out to a few of these to join (some others I was already on).

  6. We are SO honored and excited to have you on board at BPP! I can't wait for life to settle down a bit so we can work on some exciting things together in that aspect. I don't know what I would do without my community!
    xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  7. This is a great post! I also love Blogging with Heart - it's my favorite for the way that it balances promotion with compassion. A very important but difficult balance to find. Going to check out your other suggestions now!

  8. What a great resource! I think you are right about the importance of having kind and organized admins. I am going to look at some of the other groups you suggested.

  9. I love that you posted about this! I am fairly new to the whole blog group community so I am still finding the right groups. This is so helpful and I am definitely going to check out the other groups you listed!

  10. Thanks for this. Trying to figure out where to spend your time and effort is overwhelming. I appreciate your suggestion and that you pointed out that smaller may be better. I asked to join you favorite!

  11. This is such a great resource! I love my blogging community and can't wait to meet more!

  12. Totally on point Kristin! I used to hate facebook groups until I found BPP and slowly was able to expand to quality one's from there!

    1. Yes! My first blogging group was The Peony Project and that's a really awesome group for Christian bloggers, but it has moved away from promotion so it's not my go-to anymore. I like groups to have both- not just one or the other. BPP has always been my favorite.

  13. I had no idea what a blogging community was until about a year ago and it completely changed my world. Love this!

  14. I love BPP and have met some of my greatest friends there!

  15. I am beyond happy that you're a BPP admin now! You're amazing and the overall group can benefit so much from you! Love this post - spot on, 100%!

  16. This is a great list! I'm a member of BPP and love it. I've also been looking for some other groups to join and looked at a few that you put in this post. :) Sometimes I'll search for blogging groups on FB, but I always like receiving recommendations from people so that you know you're joining a good one!

  17. Of course I love Blog Passion Project! I also love Blogger Connection. It's a small group which definitely makes it easier to get to know everyone.

  18. I'm very grateful for a number of people I've only "met" through blogging but have been so kind and thoughtful to me, particularly since we lost our baby last fall--I swear, the people from the 'internet' are gentler than my real-life community. :) And you need both--particularly if you're the sort of person who writes on the internet!

  19. Pretty sure I know the group of which you speak! I too see this negativity which is shocking since the admin's blog seems to be about empowerment mostly. Anyway I do not like to dwell on the negative and am looking for better groups. I am so happy I came across your post! I have clicked every link in your article here and am going now to check each of them out. THANK YOU and much love.

  20. Great tips Kristin! I agree that smaller groups are better because you really have the opportunity to form relationships with others in the group.

  21. I'm so glad you posted this because I had been looking for good Facebook blog groups to join. Do you know of any Christian/Faith specific Facebook blog groups? I love the Peony Project, but it's become more of an encouragement group rather than blog promotion (totally understand and it is nice to be a part of an encouraging group). Thanks! :-)

    1. I'm right there with you, Kaycee! I appreciate a lot about TPP, but I love groups that are faith-based AND promotional.
      Passion + Profit is probably the closest thing to what you are asking about. I'd say it's like 75% Christian members and a good community of sweet ladies!