5 Things You Should Reset Each Monday

Monday, March 6, 2017

You know what I love about Monday mornings? I love the newness and the prospect of good things for the coming week. I love the early morning coffee and that I can set myself up for success just by choosing to be productive. And while I really believe that any moment can be a fresh start, there's something about Mondays that just seem renewed.

It's not like they are always fun. Sometimes weekends aren't restful, which makes for some super-sleepy Mondays. Sometimes your alarm doesn't go off, you realize you forgot to put your clothes in the dryer, or you spill your coffee before you get your first sip! *GASPPPPP*

But those things are just little nuisances. And even when the hiccups come, Mondays have the potential to be a grand, fresh start. So, with that being said, there are a few things we need to put on reset each Monday.

Reset your Mondays for a better week.

Reset Your Mind

No more of this "I can't" crap. No more thinking you can't accomplish your goals for the week. No more believing the lies in your head. You are fully capable of working hard and accomplishing many of your goals. But if you really want to achieve something great, you have to stop limiting yourself with your thoughts. 

Reset Your Words

As you try to rid the negative from your mind, don't allow those thoughts to escape your lips, either. Don't talk about how "inadequate" or "incapable" you are. Instead, remind yourself of the God who's strength shines through in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9), and the God who has a purpose for you (Psalm 57:2). You are capable of so much through His power, and telling yourself otherwise is wrong and unhelpful. 

Reset Your Priorities

It's easy to get priorities mixed up after a busy week. It's easy to forget what matters most when we are burdened with stress. But at the beginning of each week, we truly need to reset our priorities by remembering what matters most. Take a few minutes to make a list of your top priorities and how you can get closer to your goals this week. Leave it somewhere that you'll see it and when you need to be reminded of what matters most, it'll be right there for you.

Reset Your Diet

We all function better when we are eating well and taking care of our bodies. So avoid starting your Mondays with fried, greasy foods. A good, healthy breakfast to start your day (along with coffee, of course) will push you nearer to a good day.

Ideas for Healthy Living

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast (Like this one from Simply Taralynn)
  • Get consistent exercise (lately I've been playing a ton of disc golf)
  • Spend time in prayer and Bible study for spiritual health

Reset Your Self-Care

Guess what...I think I know how your week goes: Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Exhaustion. Work hard some more. Crash. 

If that's you, I commend your hard work, but I have to tell you, if you want success and you want to truly reset your Monday, you have to allow yourself some care. You have to be willing to give yourself a little bit of something each day that recharges you. If you don't do that, you are making life way harder than it has to be.

Ideas for Recharging After a Long Week

  • Read in bed
  • Spend extra time in God's word
  • Journal
  • Go for a leisurely bike ride
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Enjoy a walk at sunset
  • Relax at your favorite coffee shop
  • Blast your favorite music and sing in the shower

Reset Your Mondays

Resetting our Mondays will require discipline and may be a challenge at first, but it is totally possible and extremely rewarding. Let's work at it today, and make resetting our Mondays a habit.


  1. Resetting words is so hard! I've been trying to be more aware of the things I say when frustrated/angry....because most times it is not so great :P

  2. My Weight Watchers app resets on Monday (because that's the day I weigh in). I feel like it truly allows me to start the week with a clean slate!

  3. Kristin - love how positive these are! I recently started listing out my top 3 priorities every week. That way I know which items on my to-do list to really focus on, and it's been helping a lot.

  4. I struggle with taking the time to reset my priorities because I get overwhelmed Sunday night with everything that has to be done that week. Making a to do list is always a great idea!

  5. I like the idea of doing a reset on Mondays. I like setting goals around New Years, but a year is a long time. Incremental goals seem to be more effective for me.

    P.S. I love basically everything you post. <3

  6. Oh gosh. Reset your diet for sure! I'm not any kind of diet or plan, but I do tend to eat worse on the weekends:(

  7. yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

    I am all about resetting my attitude on Monday's. I'm a firm believer in "start as you mean to go on" which means Monday I wake up earlier, have a good breakfast, try to get to work early, hit the gym and eat well. I find that momentum carries me through until at least Thursday when I have the weekend looming to keep me going!

    Also, please see the current LAST picture in my insta story today, which I found on pinterest earlier (I think you'll like it!) ... you know what I'll send it to you!

    Laura @ www.cookwineandthinker.com

  8. I really like this perspective of starting each week off with a clean slate! I would love to start applying this mindset every Monday - thank you :)

  9. What a lovely mindset. I think I will practice this next week. New week, new beginnings, fresh start :-)

  10. Great ideas! What I love on Mondays is planning for the week. And very often I must reset my plans too, which is for me a bit stressfull :O

  11. Good reminders for the week! :)

  12. Love this so much, it's such an essential part of setting yourself up for success each week. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love this! Sometimes I enter Mondays with such a negative attitude. It's why I've tried to "reset" the way I even approach a Monday... instead of grumbling I try to greet it with "Happy Monday!" But it's easier said than does sometimes. These are great reminders of how to start a week off on the right foot.

  14. Yes, yes, yes! Right on, Kristin! Restarting your mind is something I need to work on for sure.

  15. Love this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Love this so much! Resetting self-care and diet is really a great way to start a Monday off on the right foot. I always feel better after eating a healthy breakfast! Great post!!!

  17. Resetting my diet on Monday is huge! I tend to allow myself a lot of freedom on the weekends so it's nice to dial it back in once the week starts!

  18. good call! mondays should definitely be viewed as new beginnings and a fresh start - always good to hit that reset button :) www.allisonarnone.com