July Goals

Friday, July 7, 2017

Hiya friends! I hope all of my US readers had an awesome 4th of July, all my cool Canada readers had an amazing Canada Day, and that the rest of you are just doing fantabulously!

In the past month, I've finished my job with baby E (I miss that little booger more than I can say), started a new job, gotten my first tattoo, and spent as much time as possible with friends and family. I've also been working hard to expand my virtual assistant business, learning a lot about different ways to grow my blog and social media, and working towards a healthier lifestyle. Honestly, the month seemed to drag by for me in some ways, but in other ways it flew by. I feel like that often, but it was especially true of June.

But now it's officially July and it's time to refocus, get into the groove of my new job, and continue to work towards growth in all areas of life. Easier said than done? Yup. Worth it? Absolutely!

So if you'd like to know what my goals are for the month of July, keep reading!

July Goals: Things to Achieve, my month in review, and things I want to improve upon.


Drink At Least 64oz. of Water Every Day

Here in Charlotte, it gets muy caliente (HOT). And not only has it been getting hotter and hotter, but I have also been exercising more. These things add up to mean that my body desperately needs me to up my water intake. So at the very least, 64 oz. is my goal, but I am going to try for between 80 and 100.

Walk At Least 6 Miles Per Week

Mr. T (my new nanny kid) is incredibly active. My first full week watching him, we walked over 6 miles together, which is a whole lot more than I am used to these days. I'm not gonna lie- it's been hard. But I am thankful to have something that is basically forcing me to follow up with my commitment to take better care of my body.

Finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I have been loving the Harry Potter series so far, but I have gotten out of the habit of reading again so I haven't made much headway in the past month. I am halfway through this book and I would at least like to finish it by the end of July.

Blogging and Business

Increase All Stats

I know that sounds vague, but I am trying not to worry about numbers as much. I have my numbers logged and I have a goal number written down, and I'll check at the end of the month. But for the most part, I want to keep trucking along, keep learning, and keep being myself and being my own brand with God as the lead of it all.

Update More Pins

I've been hearing from some awesome bloggers that long pins are where it's at these days, and I am slowly trying to update mine.

Secure Another Virtual Assistant Client

My new job is only for the Summer. And while I'll do what I have to do, my goal is to work from home as a full-time virtual assistant after my nanny job ends. So, I'd like to secure another client this month and continue to grow through the month of August.

Be Consistent

If you missed my newsletter, this month I am scaling back my posting schedule as I adjust to my new job. Even though posting twice a week is less than I typically try to do, I still want to make sure I am remaining consistent which is sometimes easier said than done.

Goals are best accomplished with the help of some coffee and a lot of Jesus!

July is going to hold a pretty big learning curve for me. I am nervous about how much adjusting there will be, but I know that it is possible with a good amount of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!

What does your July look like? Are you having to learn new things and adjust your schedule too, or does July look like a breeze? I hope it's the latter, but either way, tell me about it in the comments! 😊

July Goals: Things to Achieve, my month in review, and things I want to improve upon.


  1. Those are some great goals! I love the Harry Potter books and am thinking about a summer reread of the series.

    I also really like your walking goal -- 6 miles a week sounds like a great goal. I am just starting to get back into walking here and am trying to walk at least some daily.

    Hope you have a great month!

  2. I've been working hard to drink a gallon of water! Hoping I can keep this up without floating away :)

  3. The water thing can def be hard. Try infused water!!

  4. 1. You got a tattoo??? Ahhhhh!
    2. You're reading Harry Potter? For the first time?? Ahhhhh!
    What a good month!

  5. I love all of these goals Kristin. Drinking more water and walking more are always great ideas in my opinion. :)

  6. Awesome goals, and it looks like you're on your way to accomplishing all of them. I think goals are so important. July for me is a bit of a reset, so I'm trying to eat better and drink more water!

  7. You got this! It'sa lot of change but you can do it! July is just busy for me, I am going to another conference in NY so just working to get everything organized/together

  8. Such awesome goals-I love reading the goals of others because they inspire me with my own goals :) Also, how awesome is it that you have a job that basically forces you to be physically active, and in a fun way too :)

    xoxo, SS


  9. I am updating my pins too. I started reading Pinteresting Strategies and I am hoping it sheds some light on Pinterest. It is only $2.99 (they only sell the ebook) so I thought if it doesn't work then I'm only out $2.99. Good luck with your goals, I know you are going to crush them!

  10. Awesome goals! You can do it! I'm headed out on a walk in just a minute to log those miles!! :)