10 Peculiar Things About Me + A Free Playlist

Friday, October 13, 2017

Twenty-seven years old. How is that possible?! Sometimes, I still feel like a teenager. Okay, let's be honest...most of the time that's how I feel. It's crazy to me that I am old enough to be married, renting a home, and completely in charge of my day-to-day. And I have all ideas that I will still feel the same way when I am old, grey, and wrinkled.

I think feeling like a kid is just part of life. Or maybe it's just part of my nature. I don't really know for sure. But what I do know is that I want to be young at heart in the moments that it's helpful, but have the maturity and wisdom to stifle that when adulting is necessary.

Thankfully, as a general rule, my life has been fairly simple. I have had luxuries that not everyone get's to experience (i.e. a family that loves me really well, the ability to have hobbies, fuzzy pets to love on, etc). And I am grateful for those things.

My 27 years on this earth have been blessed, provided for, and enriched by God, his mercies, and the gifts he has given me. I don't derserve it, but I am thankful for what I have.

So here's to 27 years! Life isn't perfect, it isn't easy, and it can get messy, but I love the life I live and am thankful for what it is and what it is becoming.

In honor of my birthday weekend, and in honor of the quirkiness that I like to infuse into the world around me, I decided to share some peculiar things about me 😉

10 Peculiar Things About Me

  1. I talk in my sleep. Taylor says that earlier this week I was having a discussion with myself about where to put a desk that needed moving 😂
  2. Other than our thumbs, my Nana and I have almost identical hands.
  3. I get freaked out by my own veins. If I look at them for too long, I get really nervous.
  4. I went through a short phase in middle school when my snack of choice was Cheetos and orange juice.
  5. If you readjust the rear view mirror in my car, you die. It's that simple. 😡
  6. I hate the seams in clothes. They are often the bane of my existence and you can find me tugging on my clothes constantly. It's a problem...🙈
  7. I hate when people spell "Mama" as "Momma". Maybe it's where I grew up? I have no idea. But I cringe every time I see it. (Don't worry though- one of my best friends spells it that way and I still love her 😝)
  8. I start listening to Christmas music in September (sometimes August), and I'm not embarrassed about that at all 😉
  9. I HATE dramatic T.V. shows. Pretty Little Liars (actually almost any ABC Family original), Gossip Girls, The Bachelor- all of them make me nuts.
  10. When I watch a crime show and get freaked out, I turn on Phineas and Ferb to make myself feel better.

A fun, quirky, and free Spotify birthday playlist + 10 peculiar things about the author of The Peculiar Treasure.

My Birthday Playlist (if you don't like boy bands and cheesy lyrics, this is not for you 😉)

A Free, Fun, Birthday Playlist + 10 Peculiar Things About The Peculiar Treasure

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