Dear Taylor: A Mushy-Gushy Letter to my Hubby for His Birthday

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dear Taylor,

Happy birthday, handsome! I hope today is amazing for you.

As your wife, I am particularly glad you were born. Our marriage would be a little tougher to maintain if you hadn't been. 😉

From God delivering you from a doctor who assumed your mom would want to abort you because of her age, to his leading us both to Montreat College, I'm so glad that God protected us, directed our paths, and caused them to cross.

You are the most patient person I have ever met. You are the quickest to forgive. The quickest to let things go.

You are hilarious. You make me laugh even when I really just want to be grumpy with you. Your dry, sarcastic sense of humor has resulted in more deep "belly laughs" than I can count.

When we first met, I thought theology was for people who wanted to think about God, but didn't really want a personal relationship with him. But in you I have seen how untrue that is. I've watched you change, grow, and deepen your relationship with God through theology, and that has been so fun to see.

You treat me with respect and love. You look at me like you love me. And you don't "vent" to other people about me when I am being obnoxious.

You let me know you are attracted to me, and you don't let my weight bother you.

You support my dreams even when they seem far-fetched.

Basically, you're amazing. I love you so much! I wish I showed it more, but I am thankful that you look past my flaws and love me anyway.

Thank you for your hard work. Working nearly full-time and going to seminary full-time for two years straight is no easy task. But you've done it with minimal complaining and a good attitude. I'm proud of you, thankful for you, and I appreciate you.

Happy 27th birthday, handsome! Thank you for choosing me and wanting a life with me. I look forward to spending a life's worth of birthdays with you!


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