Jesus is Better (Than Everything Else)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Last year, I joined the blogging club and decided on a word of the year. Actually, I had two: Freedom and Discipline. These words were good choices and definitely things I needed to make some improvements in. But this year, I've decided to pick a phrase to live by for the year, instead of a word.

My pick: Jesus is Better

I've mentioned before (and will talk about it more on Friday) that I've been going to a Bible study for the past few months on the book of Hebrews. The study has been incredible, and there's so much goodness that I've gleaned, but so far, the main theme of Hebrews is that Jesus is better. Not only that, but that we are often far too easily pleased by things besides Jesus, when He is the best. This is a theme that I have been incredibly thankful for, because it's something I really struggle with.

But how is Jesus better, and why did I choose this phrase for 2018? Keep reading!

Jesus is better, and that should change our lives. Find out why at The Peculiar Treasure. #faith #christianity #Jesus

Jesus is Better Than...

Everything. Jesus is better than anything else. No matter who, what, or where you and I think of, Jesus is still better. He's better than our marriages, better than our kids, better than our moms, dads, and siblings. He's better than our dream home, dream job, or dream vacation. He's better than rest, relaxation, and self-care. He's just better.

But that can be really hard to wrap our minds around, right? How could Jesus be better than our marriages, when marriage is so awesome? How could Jesus be better than that precious little baby that has it's tiny hands wrapped around your finger?

The answer is that Jesus is the only perfect One. Jesus gives perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3), Jesus loves us forever (Jeremiah 31:3), Jesus gives joy (John 15:11), and Jesus provides for our needs (Philippians 4:19). While other things can be temporarily satisfying, and can be gifts from God, they aren't the ultimate gifts and they will never ultimately satisfy- because Jesus is always better.

Why I Chose This Phrase

I chose this phrase because I have such a hard time with it. Because I am so naturally inclined to be easily pleased. Because I so often treasure the gifts more than the Giver. Because sometimes I don't feel like Jesus is better.

He is better. And there's no reason I should be pleased with less than Him. But my sinful nature likes to fight against that. So I chose this phrase in hopes of being reminded to fight harder against my sinful nature. I chose this phrase to focus on cultivating a deeper longing for Jesus. And I chose this phrase to remind me that I should never be satisfied with anything less than the presence of God.

This isn't something that I can just fix completely in a year's time. Putting God first, and living out the knowledge that Jesus is better is a lifelong journey. But, I can improve. God can help me improve. God can mold my heart so that I am satisfied by him instead of by the things that typically grab at my time and heart.

And that, sweet friends, is why I chose this phrase as my "phrase of the year". Learning that Jesus is better than everything else, experiencing it, and living it out is incredibly important, and I'd rather learn it now than put it off for "some day".

If you want to join me in growing in the truth that Jesus is better, I'd love to have you jump on board. Whether you choose the same phrase of the year, watch the Bible study that I've been attending online, or read the book of Hebrews with a "Jesus is better" mindset, practicing this truth will be life-changing for all of us.

Jesus is better than everything else on the earth. He's better than me, my marriage, my family, my dream job, my future kids, and anything else I can think to name. Jesus is better. And that should change our lives! #faith #christianity

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