25 Nations in 25 Days (Featuring Renee Young)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas is about Jesus. He is who the entire holiday centers around. And then beyond that, family and giving. But if you could take even a tiny little glance at my heart, it often gets things a bit mixed up regarding the holiday. Instead of focusing on giving, I think about getting. Instead of thinking of how I can bless others, I think about how I can see my loved ones and do as many fun things as possible. And then there's Jesus. "Oh hai, Jesus".

I'm ashamed to admit it. It's sad. And what's even more sad, is that I know I am not in the minority here. So, so many Christians join me in this predicament. We want to honor Christ above all, and yet somehow we always end up putting other, less meaning things ahead of him.

Of course, God gives grace to His people. He forgives and He continues to help us improve and grow. We as Christians are all on this faith journey together and we are here to lift each other up, to encourage one another in righteousness, and to point each other towards God.

And that's why it's so important to recognize and appreciate the areas in which we get it right- where God's people are rightly pointing to Him instead of to themselves. And today's post was inspired by a woman who has been doing just that.

25 Nations in 25 Days: A mission-focused way to celebrate Christmas this year. #christmas #faith #christianity

I met Renee online a few years ago. I was immediately inspired by her heart and passion for the Lord. We become social media and blog friends, and still talk via Instagram and Facebook.

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One thing that has always struck me about Renee, is that when she writes, you can tell that it really is for Jesus. She isn't trying to sound ultra-spiritual, nor is she trying to gain attention. Instead, she is trying to point to God, to truth, and to all that will motivate towards righteousness. I am encouraged by pretty much everything she posts. And of course, that's God working through her and it's all Him, BUT He uses her sweet, fun-loving heart to deliver an eternal message.

So, why do I bring any of this up? Because recently, Renee launched a brilliant idea that is open to whoever would like to join.

Enter 25 Nations in 25 Days

25 Nations in 25 Days is a Facebook group and downloaded PDF that Renee created as a "tool for helping to ignite a heart for the nations. 42% of the world's people groups are still unreached (less than 2% Evangelical Christian). This should be a startling statistic for us to see as believers.How neat to have a tool that educates us on those people groups and encourages prayer within the family FOR those people".

I asked Renee to talk a little bit about why she decided to create this project for all of us, and this is what she said:

"I decided to compile the information on unreached peoples and various nations because I think it's important to know about cultures outside of American society.  I also hope to cultivate a heart in my children that is for missions and for people who don't believe, act, speak, or look like we do.  I believe this is a great starting point. I think we get so focused on how "unfair" and how "hard" life is in the United States that we forget that nearly 1/2 of the entire world has never even heard of Jesus.  And while our hardships are valid in a sense, we need to focus on what is eternally significant.  There are millions of people that still have zero parts of the Bible translated into their language.
Our problems become minuscule when we are concerned with what's going on on a global spectrum (even if your global perspective starts with meeting your next door neighbor and befriending them for the sake of the gospel).
While compiling this information, my heart began to ache as I was forced to face the fact that most of the nations covered are animistic, meaning they worship nature and spirits and ancestors and rocks.  Some of the religious beliefs of these people groups will hopefully wreck you.  My hope is that anyone who walks through this "25 Nations in 25 Days" would have a heart burdened for the spiritual darkness in the world, that they would be moved to action locally, nationally, and globally for the cause of making Christ's name great, and that they would consider giving their physical and financial resources to Bible Translation and Global Missions."

Peculiar friends, I am so excited about going through 25 Nations in 25 Days with Renee and a bunch of other awesome people. Will you join us? You can scroll through the PDF below, you can download the PDF here, and you can join the Facebook group here. I hope to see you there!

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