Where to Find the Best Inexpensive Fall Decor

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Autumn is on it's way! Are you looking to add to your Fall-decor collection, but you want to make sure your bank account stays in tact? Here are my top picks for where to find the best, inexpensive Fall decor pieces this season.

If you've been around here for a while, you probably know that Fall is my favorite season, and that I am always so excited to check off activities from my Fall bucket list, and to cook yummy, Fall-themed foods. I always think Fall is too short, and I am always thrilled when it returns.

Aside from the weather, the activities, and the food, I also really love decorating my home for Fall. Not only does it make my heart happy, but it also makes my home ready for that pumpkin party I've been dying to throw all year. 😉

There are so many fun ways to decorate for Fall, and so many awesome places to find what you need to decorate. But I also know that most people (like me) can't afford to pay oodles of money to decorate for the season. So instead of showing you decor pieces that you'll swoon over but may not be able to afford, I'm sharing several stores where you can find similar, swoon-worthy Fall decor for a lot less money. You're welcome!

Beautiful Fall Decor On a Budget. Where to find pretty, cheap Fall Decor. #Fall #decor #home

Big Lots

I'm starting this list with what is probably the most shocking discovery of all. As a general rule, I don't do a whole lot of shopping at Big Lots. But I have always loved their coffee mugs and candles, since they have quite an assortment to choose from. But I also discovered a couple of years back that they have the cutest section of Fall decor! I found so many cute, glittery pumpkins, as well as some of the cutest little woodland-animal decor. If you need more Fall decor, I highly encourage you to make a stop at Big Lots.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is one of the coolest places on earth for anyone who loves home decor but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg. And who woulda thunk it- they rock their Fall-decor section too! 😉

I love that Hobby Lobby is a Christian-owned company, but I also just genuinely love their products. We purchased a ton of the silk flowers for our wedding at HL, and I think they have good-quality products. I could go on and on, but I'll just keep this simple- go to Hobby Lobby and gets lots of Fall things. It's good for the soul. 😋


I don't normally shop online for my decor because I really enjoy picking it out in person. And despite how much I love Amazon, I don't think I have ever bought anything from them that was Fall-themed.

But I was perusing their Fall-decor section recently and saw that they have some really cute stuff too! I particularly like their throw pillows (like this Fall Bicycle one, this pumpkin spice pillow, and this pretty pumpkin one). They also had these lovely wooden ball fairy lights, and if you are SUPER into Fall, this dog collar is adorable.


I think this one is pretty well known, but I wanted to include it in the list because it is definitely a go-to when I need (okay...want) new decor. And Fall is one of my favorite times to go to Michael's because I feel like they do such an exceptional job with their Fall items. They never fail to have something I love!


Normally, Target is where I go for clothes and beauty items. And while I will say that Target isn't the very best place to get Fall decor, they do have some items that are absolutely adorable. They always have cute coffee mugs, they have Fall-scented candles and hand soaps, and then there's always the Hearth & Hand line which features new items for each season.


I have actually found a huge chunk of my Fall decor at Walmart. It's not the highest quality in the world, but some of their stuff is swoon-worthy on the cuteness meter. Plus, they have my all-time favorite candle during the Fall and winter months, so that's a win!

Friends, you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to decorate your home for the Fall season. You have options that don't include taking out a mortgage on your home. Keep it simple, keep it low-cost, and have a beautiful Fall!

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Where to find pretty, cheap Fall Decor. #Fall #decor #home

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