The 10 Best Hashtags and Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Christian Women

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Social media can be a positive place that fosters growth in our faith if we choose to follow accounts and hashtags that point us towards God. Not sure how to make that happen? Find my pick for the 10 best hashtags and Instagram accounts for Christian women to follow on Instagram today!


When I hear people talking about Instagram, a lot of the time what I hear is negative. I hear people talking about how fake Instagram is. I hear people saying that when they get on Instagram, they start feeling bad about their own lives. I've been there and I've felt that way. But I also think that we all control our own experiences on Instagram.

Who we follow on Instagram makes all the difference. If we follow people who seem fake and only showcase their "perfect" lives, we are going to start to struggle with envy. And if all we do is sit around, scrolling through a sea of seemingly perfect people, of course we are going to play the comparison game.

First of all, sitting around scrolling through Instagram is a problem in and of itself. That's a whole other post. But as Christian women who strive to put good, godly things into our hearts and minds, who we follow on Instagram really does matter.

We should be following accounts that point us to Christ and help set our souls on fire. We should be following accounts that don't sneak lies in there when we are most susceptible. We should be using our social media time to enrich us, not set us two steps back.

This doesn't mean you need to only follow blatantly Christian accounts. I am not calling for you to unfollow everyone or completely redo your Instagram. I'm not saying that Christians can/should only follow other Christians, and I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with following those travel or fashion accounts that make life look perfect. But what I am saying is that we should make sure that we are guarding our minds. If our minds are always consumed with jealousy or comparison when we are scrolling, then yeah, maybe it is time to change what we are scrolling through.

However, I also understand that Instagram is a primarily visual platform, and we still want beauty when we are scrolling. Thankfully, you don't have to pick one over the other. There are so many gorgeous, biblically solid Instagram accounts out there to follow. So today, I am sharing the 10 best hashtags and Instagram accounts to follow for Christian women who want to be uplifted and grown in their faith - even as they scroll through social media.


Hashtags For Christian Women


The hashtag "#wellwateredwomen" comes from the Well-Watered Women Instagram account, which was founded by Gretchen Saffles. Well-Watered Women is a blog, shop, and community with the focus of helping to equip Christian women to thrive in their faith and be deeply rooted in God.

Well-Watered Women has quickly become my favorite Instagram account. I am constantly encouraged by their posts, spurred on by their call to be more like Christ, and inspired by their creativity and lovely photos.


Putting God's Word above all else is something I strive for, but I constantly need a reminder to live that out. The "WORDbeforeworld" hashtag is a great way to refocus and remember the most important part of life - Jesus.

This hashtag was also started by Well-Watered Women. They have used this hashtag as a way to declare that above all other New Year's resolutions and above all other goals, they are choosing to put God's Word before the world. And they are inviting us to join them.


"ReadReneeRead" is a hashtag created by my sweet friend Renee Young (more info about her below), for all her reading endeavors. Renee reads a lot. And she reads GOOD books. 

I love hearing what Renee has read because I trust her judgement.When she reads something she genuinely tries to hold it up to scripture to make sure it's good, true, and right.

Looking for some good, Christ-centered book recommendations? #readreneeread would be a great Instagram hashtag for you to follow along with.


Before moving on to Instagram accounts that I recommend for Christian women, I would be remiss if I didn't let you know about TPT's hashtag!


The hashtag "livetpt" is my own, branded hashtag that goes along with this blog. It represents living the peculiar treasure life; in other words, embracing our call to live as the peculiar treasures that God has designed us to be.

I would like to extend an invite to use this hashtag on your own photos that pertain to living a life given over to God. I would love for this to become a thriving community of believers who support and encourage one another with their posts.


Instagram Accounts for Christian Women

Caroline is one of my all-time-favorite people to follow. She is absolutely hilarious, and yet she brings so much truth and grace in her posts. You're Instagram feed will be a much happier place if you add Caroline to it. 

I love Amy! She's so good at being down to earth yet inspiring at the same time. She shares Day in the Life videos in her stories on Tuesdays, and the rest of the week is filled with theology and encouragement. She wants Christians to know that everyone is a theologian, and she wants to help them on that journey.

Y'all, Sola Gratia is such an amazing account to follow. Elizabeth talks about really deep and hard topics, but she also brings so much grace and encouragement. She's really good about having conversations in her stories, but she also has a really fun sense of humor and one of my favorite things about Instagram is Sola Gratia's Meme Monday segment in her stories. So funny and so good.

Brittany has been through a lot in her life. Before knowing Jesus she went through a lot of hard things, and now as a Christian, a wife, and a mother she has been through miscarriage, chronic pain, and some pretty serious health concerns. Yet, through all of this, she gives glory to God and shares very encouraging posts that I'm sure many believers can relate to. If you want to feel seen, grieve in a God honoring way, and be pointed back to truth, Brittany's account is a good place for that.

Glenna is an author, a pastor's wife, and a mom. She is an excellent writer and when she shares on social media I find myself encouraged and challenged to live more closely to Jesus.

Renee Young

Renee Young is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met in the blogging world. She has a desire for truth, a hunger to grow in the Lord, and a conviction to learn more about the great God we serve through reading good, Christ-centered books.

Her insights into her own heart, family life, and motherhood are an inspiration and encouragement to me every day, and I am thankful to have a friend like her on Instagram.

If you are a Christian woman looking for accounts to follow, I highly recommend her account. But even more-so, if you are a mama, I think her account will speak volumes to you

Journey Women Podcast

Journey Women Podcast is a truth-filled, gospel-driven resource to help women navigate the seasons and challenges they face on their journey to glorify God. The encouragement from these podcast episodes spill over into the Instagram account. I have spoken with Hunter (the founder of the podcast) on several occasions and I think she is just awesome. I highly recommend following this account on Instagram, as well as giving her podcast a listen.



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