A Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts Round-Up (For Him and Her) | Gift Ideas for Valentine's and Galentine's Day

Thursday, January 17, 2019

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant other for Valentine's Day, or a gift for your friend for Galentine's Day, you're in the right place. Find creative, budget-friendly Valentine's and Galentine's gift ideas today on The Peculiar Treasure.

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I'm a mushy-gushy, sentimental woman to my core. I get so excited to receive sweet gifts and gestures from my hubby, and I love finding good gifts for him. The cost of the gift doesn't matter to me, but the thought behind it does. Valentine's Day is no different.

While Taylor and I usually go on a date and give a small gift to each other for Valentine's Day, we don't really go overboard. We like spending time together and doing something kind for one another, but we typically get more elaborate for things like birthdays and Christmas.

I know that sometimes Valentine's Day can frustrate people because they feel that it's too commercialized, or that it makes people feel bad who are not in a relationship. But as I've gotten older, I've started seeing people do "Galentine's Day" celebrations with their friends either on Valentine's Day or sometime right before it. This is a great opportunity to shower your good friends with thoughtful, inexpensive gifts too.

However, all that gift-giving can become expensive and stressful if we aren't careful. Between gifts for the hubby, date night with the hubby, and Galentine's Day food, drinks, and/or gifts, it can all get a little overwhelming.

That's why I am sharing these budget-friendly gift ideas for Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day. Find a gift you will love giving without breaking the bank.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

Men's Valentine's Day Gifts (That You Don't Have to Make Yourself)

Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit
If your man has a beard or wants to grow one, this will help keep it groomed, tamed, and smelling nice.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set
If your man is into the hot sauce craze or likes to watch hot sauce challenges on Youtube, then this hot sauce gift set might be a great gift for him!

Disc Golf Bag 
I don't know how many people out there like disc golf (or even know what it is), but my husband loves disc golf. He taught me to play during our first year of dating, and now it's a go-to activity for us. If your man likes disc golf, he would probably enjoy having a disc bag like this one. I know Taylor would.

Engraved Wallet
If your guy is more of the sentimental type, this wallet is such a fun idea. The message engraved on it is sweet, but not overly mushy.

New Slippers
Does your guy appreciate being cozy? A new pair of fleece-lined slippers or house shoes would probably be a winner for him then!

Sleeveless Gym/Workout Shirt
I thought this was hilarious. If your guy likes to work out, you should definitely check out this shirt.

DIY Men's Valentine's Day Gifts

Man Tool Bouquet from Diana Rambles
This is a fun way to give a guy a "bouquet" but allow them to still feel manly in the process. 😂

"I Love You to Pieces" Candy Jar Gift from Freebie Finding Mom
Such a cute play on words with Reese's Pieces in a jar and the free, matching printable.

Homemade Bar Soap for Men from Pink Fortitude
There's nothing quite like homemade soap. My mom used to make a lot of soap and it was so moisturizing and smelled so good. Use this recipe to make your guy some homemade soap.

Still not sure what to get your guy? Check out this article from I Heart Frugal about How to Spoil Your Man for Free!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women

DIY Sensual Massage Oil from Suburbia Unwrapped
I love getting massages, I love calming scents, and I love the idea of being given this oil (or making it for myself) and then getting a massage from the hubby.

"Hooked on You" Candy Jar from Freebie Finding Mom
Even though I don't buy it very often, I actually really love candy. If Taylor gave me a jar filled with candy with this cute, free printable, I'd think it was super cute. So guys, if your lady has a sweet-tooth, you may want to check this option out!

"What I Love About You" Journal
I love this! Purchase this book, fill in the blanks, and give it to your significant other. Perfect for the sentimental ladies like me!

You and Me Willow Tree
Okay, so not the cheapest gift ever, but Taylor has given me this one and another one and I love them, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Bath Bomb Set
This would be great for a gift to a wife/girlfriend or for a Galentine's Day gift.

Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses from A Bride on a Budget
Pink + glitter + a wine glass = a great Galentine's gift, right?

Whipped Sugar Scrub from The Melrose Family
This looks light and fluffy, while still offering a hand and foot scrub. A great gift to give a friend!

Mani-Pedi in a Jar from Mason Jar Breakfast
I think this is such a cute idea. I love getting new nail polishes and nail supplies, and I love the idea of putting it all in a glass jar.

DIY Rosewater Face Spray from Pink Fortitude
I've always loved the scent of rosewater, and I think this would be such a cool, pampering gift to give a friend.


Start a Tradition for Valentine's Day

Instead of trying to make or buy the perfect gift, maybe you'd rather think creatively about this year's present. I get that. So here are some out-of-the-box gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.

Invest in a New Board Game Every Year

If you and your significant other love board games and card games, you could give each other a new game each Valentine's Day, and plan a game night with all your friends on Valentine's Day (or another night if you prefer) to try out your new games. After a few years of this tradition, you will have built up quite a stock of games to choose from for your future game nights.

Make a Restaurant Checklist

If you love going out to eat with your significant other (or friends), make a fun card or checklist with the names of the different local restaurants you would like to try. Every time you go to one of the restaurants you check that off the list. Try to check them all off by the following Valentine's Day.

Opt For Experiences Instead of Gifts

Do you really need that necklace? Does he really need that new wallet? If you want to skip more "stuff" this year, choose experiences instead of gifts. Go bowling. Have a star-lit picnic. Have an arcade night. Or maybe go bungee jumping if you aren't a weenie like me. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be filled with "stuff" if you don't want it to be.

Pro Tip: Talk to your significant other about this idea first. If they are expecting chocolate and end up skydiving, you might end up with a grumpy loved-one. 😉

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