How to Create Community in the Fall

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Women getting together to create community in the Fall

Christian community is a central part of growing in your walk with God. Fall is a great time to start growing community. Learn how you can make and create community in the Fall.

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I love community. I love spending time with people, I love talking and laughing together, and I love helping people grow and become better versions of themselves. Creating community is a passion for me and I enjoy the opportunities I have to grow a bigger and deeper community.

I also love Fall. It's my favorite season and I am always so excited when that time of year rolls around. Recently, I was thinking about how Fall can be a great time of year to create community. It's true that every season of the year has its own unique ways to better make a community, but with Fall approaching, that's where I want to put my focus for this post.

So if you desire to grow and/or expand your Christian community this Fall, then light your apple cider scented candle, throw on your flannel shirt, and sip your pumpkin coffee and keep reading this post for 6 solid ideas to help you create community this Fall. 

Women talking and creating community in the Fall

Host a Pumpkin Party

One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is to host a pumpkin party. Lots of pumpkin-based foods and drinks. Painting and carving pumpkins with a group of friends. And Fall-scented candles setting the atmosphere. I love it so much, and I feel like it's an amazing reason to get people together, have some fun, and build community.

Learn how to host your own pumpkin party here.

Painted pumpkin at a pumpkin party

Invite Friends Over for Coffee or Tea

If you love having people over to your home, inviting friends over for tea or coffee is also a great option. There's just something sweet about ladies sitting around a living room, sipping their favorite beverages, and talking about life together. Inviting people to truly be a part of your life and sharing what's on your heart is a blessing.

If for some reason you can't have people to your home for coffee or tea, organize a group hangout at a local coffee shop. It accomplishes the same purpose and also supports local business.

Coffee on a breakfast tray

Go for a Group Walk

With the weather getting milder and the leaves getting prettier, why not get a group of ladies together to go for a nice long stroll? Here in Columbus, we have the Chattahoochie River walk, which spans for miles upon miles. If you don't have any sort of greenway or designated walking paths, see if one of your friends lives in a nice neighborhood for walking, or if your local park has a walking track.

Host a Bible Study or Book Study

Hosting a Bible study is another great way to create community. Studying God's Word together is a natural community creator because it means we are connecting over the most important part of our lives and sharing our desire to grow in Him.

Again, I know that not everyone will be able to host in their own home, but there are plenty of places to go to meet together and study God's Word. Get creative and be flexible with your location.

Be sure, however, that you use a solid study that is centered on Scripture. There are a lot of studies out there that are insubstantial, wrongly focused, and/or theologically inaccurate. Don't just pick up the first study you find that is labeled "Christian". Instead, do your research and opt for something truly focused on the Word of God.

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Bible laying open on a table

Organize a Play Date at the Park

Even though Taylor and I don't have kids of our own right now, I have quite a few mom friends that love getting together, but it is a lot harder for them to find the time if the activity isn't kid-friendly. So whether you have kids or not, you could always organize a play date at a local park. Ask your mom friends to meet you there to hang out while the kids play. If possible, you could even offer to bring cider or hot chocolate for everyone to sip on. The mom's would feel pampered, the kids would get to play, and everyone would get to build community together.

Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Another way to get mom friends together is to organize a Fall scavenger hunt. Pair into teams of two or three adults per group (and however many kids go with those adults 😂) and race each other to see who can find the most items on the list. My friend Lora of Craftivity Designs has some great options for scavenger hunt ideas and printables on her website.

How to create community in the Fall

I hope this list has sparked your interest in doing more to create community this Fall. Community doesn't have to be fancy or expensive -- it just needs to be intentional.


Q: How can I get people talking to each other if they've never met before?
A: You could make ice breaker questions to ask your friends. Usually this helps get people more comfortable. However, if you don't feel up to the task of making your own, you could always buy some ice breaker questions on Amazon.

Q: How do I choose a good Bible study to lead?
A: I highly recommend looking at the Well Watered Women Bible Studies on their website. I have already gone through their Ruth study at my church, and we are about to start their Esther study. I've done a couple of Navpress Lifechange Studies and they were good too! There are so many good studies out there to choose from. Don't stress, just do your research!

How to Make Community in the Fall

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