How to Reset Your Day

Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Do you ever feel like you ruined your goals and now you have to wait until next week to start over? You don't have to wait until Monday to reset or start over. Learn how to reset everyday!

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A few years back I wrote a blog post titled "5 Things You Should Reset Each Monday". In this post I talk about how we can start our week off strong and set ourselves up for success. I really like this post and I think it's got some great tips in there. But I also think that sometimes we wait to reset until the next week because we feel like we have already "messed up too much" in our current week. Sometimes we're in such a slump that we forget how to get out of our slump.

However, no one should understand better than Christians how important minute by minute mercies are, right?

We sin, we call out to God, repent, and ask for help in our sanctification. But because we aren't perfect, we find ourselves seeking the same mercies again at some point. And God, being gracious and abounding in steadfast love (Psalm 86:15) gives us that forgiveness on the spot. His mercies are new every morning, every hour, and every minute. 

Likewise, as we go throughout our day, we may have goals or to-do lists with tasks of varying importance. Some have more weight to them, while some we can take or leave. But how often do we find ourselves discouraged and frustrated by how little progress we've made? We feel like failures, we become apathetic, and we make choices that reflect that apathy.

"I'll start again tomorrow", or even "I'll start again on Monday".

We can make these excuses about a myriad of things. 

We often hear these words about a diet or weight loss routine, but we can also feel that way when it comes to our spiritual life, the care of our homes, our relationships, or any sort of micro-goal that helps us towards a bigger goal. 

So how do we reset every single day (and even every single minute) when we feel like a failure? Here are 4 tips (+examples) for how to reset your day!

Picture of a woman walking with overlay text reading "How to reset your day"

How to Reset Your Day

Celebrate Small Victories

I recently shared over on Instagram about how sometimes I can be embarrassed to share small victories because I'm not as far along on my goals as I'd like to be, or as far along as other people are. But small victories are still victories, and it's all the little victories that make up the big ones. Don't be embarrassed of little victories just because you wish you were further along. Celebrate that walk, that trip to the gym, that 15 minutes spent with the Lord as your kids play loudly in the background. That important conversation you were scared to have. Celebrate small victories.

Remember That the Goal is Honoring the Lord

It's a lot easier to start fresh immediately when we remember that our goal in life is to serve the Lord and worship him through our lives, rather than to glorify ourselves, look like we have it all together, or to gain popularity. When we look at our goals and our everyday lives as opportunities to grow in sanctification and make choices that honor the Lord, we can throw off our pity parties and start fresh.

If Repentance is Necessary, Do It

Oftentimes, we simply run out of time in the day to reach our goals. It's not a sin to not finish our to-do list. It's not a sin to eat a cookie and skip our workout for the day. It's not even a sin in and of itself to miss a quiet time with God. But the question is why. Why did I miss my quiet time? Was it because I scrolled Instagram too long or watched too many TikToks?  Why did I skip my workout? Was it because I was self-conscious about how I look and made an idol out of physical appearance? Why didn't I finish my to-do list? Was it because I was being lazy even though I knew some of the tasks were really important to get done?

Our motives matter in these situations. So lets look at the condition of our hearts. Don't make yourself feel guilty because you didn't reach all your goals, but be willing to repent if you see something in your motives that shouldn't be there. 

Have a "Start Now" Attitude

Having a start-now attitude takes discipline, and I'll admit it's a real struggle for me, but it's super important if we want to reset the tone of our day.

What does it look like to have a "start now" attitude?

  • Did you have an argument with your spouse? Choose not to harbor any bitterness. Work out what you are able to work out and start fresh immediately with your attitude towards them.

  • Did you miss your bible study time this morning? Play a chapter or two of scripture on a free audio bible service on your way to work, on your lunch break, or before bed so that you are still in God's word.

  • Did you just eat the greasiest cheeseburger the world has ever seen? That's okay. Be thankful for yummy food and food freedom and choose to nourish your body for the rest of the day so that you don't feel gross from over-doing it.

  • Did you just order take-out again for dinner even though you knew you shouldn't be spending extra money right now? Thank God for the food, enjoy it, and make a plan for the following day that is easy to stick to but allows you to use the food you have at home. 

  • Did you miss your workout this morning and don't have time to do it? Incorporate extra movements in creative ways. Park farther away from the store when you go to the grocery store. Walk a couple of laps around the building on your lunch break, or do a few squats as you cook dinner.
Having a "start now" attitude can look a lot of different ways, but its an integral part in resetting your day.

At the end of the day, resetting your day is about letting go of pride and accepting the fact that you aren't perfect, but that little victories add up and are what make up your life. If you are able to embrace this simplicity each day, you will be able to reset your day when you feel you've messed up.

Questions to ponder:

  • Which one of these tips stand out to you the most? 
  • Is there one that's harder for you to practice than another? 
  • What area of life do you most need to reset right now?
Comment below with your answers to any of these questions.

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