How to Focus on God's Word

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Focusing on God's word is an important part of focusing on God. Learn how to focus on God's word today!

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As I've done research for my blog recently, I've realized that a lot of people are looking for help to focus on God in their lives. Learning how to focus on God and realizing why we should focus on God in our lives is an important part of the Christian life. One of the main ways that we can focus on God in general is to focus on His word. But how does a Christian focus on the Bible? Use these practical tips for staying focused on God's Word daily!

How to Focus on God's Word

1.) Actually Read the Bible

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we say things like "it's so hard to focus on God's word", when what we really mean is "I never read God's word" or "I don't make time for God's word consistently". In order to focus on God's word, we have to actually read it. 

It is impossible to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength (Luke 10:27) if we don't even make time to read it. So if we are struggling to read our Bibles, let's start from square one and actually pick it up and read.

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2.) Listen to Audio Bible

Sometimes when I'm struggling to pick up my Bible and read, I find it helpful to listen to scripture instead. You're still hearing the word of God and soaking it in, but depending on the situation, it may work better for you and help you make less excuses.

Personally, I think I probably retain more when I have a physical copy of God's word, read slowly, and study. So of course it is a good thing for me to prioritize this method when I can. However, listening to Scripture is not a "lesser" method, and it's still a good option to help you focus on God's word in your daily life. 

If listening to audio Bible will help you develop a consistent habit of focusing on Scripture, then do it!

3.) Listen to Songs Based on Scripture

When we lived in Charlotte we attended a church that decided to put together an entire album that took the words of Psalm 119 and put them to lyrics. The 1st volume came out while we were still there and I absolutely loved it. You can find it here.

Listening to that album was so helpful because it was completely scripture, but it was easier to remember because it was set to music.

Using music to focus on God's word is such a helpful tool, especially anytime we are wanting to memorize more scripture.

Likewise, Shane & Shane have a lot of songs that are based on different Psalms, which is also a good way to focus on the truths of God's word. 

4.) Strategically Place Scripture Around Your Home

And this doesn't mean just the verses that make us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes we like to take the feel good verses (think Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, etc.), put them on some cute home d├ęcor, and just glance at it every once in a while. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with those verses, or with having them around our homes, but if we really want to focus on God's word but placing scripture around the home, then we need to be strategic about where we place scripture and how often we are reading it.

One way you can do this is by getting prints from Etsy that have scripture on them (like this one from my Etsy shop). You can frame them for an added personal touch, but the main thing is making sure you place it somewhere that you will notice it often. For example, if you never use your home-office, then having a beautiful scripture Esty print isn't going to help you much if you put it in that room. 

Likewise, many Christians use the flash card approach:

  1. Grab a pack of flash cards
  2. Pick out a few Bible verses that you either want to memorize, or maybe that you feel you really need in this season. I especially recommend focusing on remembering who God is, why HE is good, why you can trust him, but of course any scripture you pick is good and from God. 
  3. Write one verse per car
  4. Place those flash cards around your home in places you know you'll see them (bathroom mirror, near the kitchen sink, car dashboard, etc.)
  5. Whenever you're there, read the verse.

5.) Find a Good Bible Study

Finding a good Bible study to be part of is an excellent way to focus on God's word. When you are meeting together with other believers to study God's word, it's naturally going to put God's word on your mind and heart more often. 

Does your church have a bible study you could join? Pursue that. Find out when they meet, if childcare is available, if you need anything other than your Bible (like a workbook or notebook), and jump in. 

If your church doesn't offer a Bible study, consider asking a friend who you know goes to a solid church. Maybe their church offers a study that you could attend. 

There are also community Bible studies in a lot of areas that you could look for. You just need to be sure that their teachings are solid and truly in line with scripture.

If none of those options are available to you, you can always buy a Bible study to do at home. Jen Wilkin, Well-Watered Women, and Amy Gannett are all solid options for good, scripturally sound Bible studies. I've done Jen Wilkin's Exodus study, Ruth, Esther, and an advent study from Well Watered Women, and an advent study by Amy Gannett and all of them were good. 

I also have a 31-Day Devotional (available here) all about how to live a life of wisdom based on scripture.

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I hope that through these tips you will be more equipped to develop consistent habits of focusing on Scripture. Focusing on God is essential to the Christian life, and focusing on God's word is one of the main ways we can do that. Overcoming distractions and staying focused on God's Word isn't always easy, but it is definitely worth it. 

Are there any tips for focusing on God's word that you would add to this list? Comment below!

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