How to Glorify God in the Fall

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Fall activities are a great opportunity to share the love of Christ. Here are 5 tips and ideas to help you glorify God in the Fall!

How to Glorify God with Your Fall Activities

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Fall is in the air! In Columbus, GA that doesn't mean sweaters and flannel, but it does mean that the humidity is down and the breeze reminds me more of pumpkin patches than strawberry fields! I am craving Fall, itching to put up my Fall wreath, and can't wait to find some pumpkins to sit on my porch. 
When I think about it though, all of those things, as fun as they are, are just things. They aren't inherently meaningful and they are all surface-level things. It's easy for me to get caught up in thinking through all the things I want to do, without giving a thought to how I could use every season, including my favorite season, for the glory of God. 

I want to enjoy Fall. I want to decorate, drink copious amounts of pumpkin-flavored coffee (a task I've already started on 😉), and I want to have Autumn-themed parties. You and I can do all of these things, but there are ways to use our favorite activities and seasons to bring glory to God instead of just staying self-focused. We can get creative and start using our favorite things about this season to proclaim the name of the Lord, encourage others in Him, and glorify Him in all that we do. So today, I'm shaing my ideas for turning Fall activities into community edifying, God-glorifying experiences.

Glorify God with Your Fall Activities

How to Glorify God This Fall

1.) Get to Know Your Neighbors

In the South, the Fall brings more bearable temperatures, which means you and your neighbors are more likely to spend time outside. Use this to your advantage. Go for neighborhood walks and greet your neighbors that are outside. Make time to stop and ask how they are doing and engage in conversation if they are willing. 

2.) Throw a Fall Party

This year, parties are a little trickier while we are still in the throes of social distancing, but since we already mentioned the nicer temperatures, an outdoor party for a small group of people might be just the thing!

If you've been around TPT for a while, then you know I have an affinity for throwing pumpkin parties in the Fall. You can find out how to throw a pumpkin party here. You could also throw a party with an Apple Cider Bar, or host a Fall-themed game night and have guests bring their favorite Fall snack to share. 

Pro-tip: Invite your neighbors to join in on the festivities, or maybe have a Fall-party specifically for your neighbors. This is an excellent way to create community in your own neighborhood and foster opportunities to share the love of Christ with them. 

Recommended for Fall Hosting:

3.) Invite a Friend Over

This is so simple, but how often do we get caught up in our own busyness and fail to invest in the people around us? Inviting a friend over for coffee, Bible study, or to go for a walk opens up opportunities for discipleship, deeper relationships, and great conversation. A simple invite could be a big encouragement to your friends, neighbors, and family. 

4.) Slow Down

Again, sometimes we get so caught up in our activities and our desire for fun that we can miss good opportunities to serve. In our attemps to do fun Fall things, let's make sure we aren't more interested in the fun than we are the kingdom of God. Let's make sure we are willing to pause our plans when people need us, to be flexible, and to use both the fun things and the more mundane things for the glory of God. 

5.) Get in the Word

Admittedly, getting into the Word of God has nothing to do with the Fall. But if you are like me, then you know that sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the fun, exciting things that we want to enjoy and push time in Scripture to the wayside. How silly of us (of me)! A relationship with God is the most beautiful and exciting thing we will ever have in every season. Forgetting what should come first is not only unfruitful, but also unfulfilling. So let's always remember the best things first, and not get swept away by the things that are good gifts, but definitively inferior to our great God! 

This Fall and every Fall, let us do everything we do for the glory of the Lord. Let us cultivate community, enjoy the gift of this season, and get creative about using every moment to make God's name great. 

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Glorify God with Your Fall Activities

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