The Best Books to Teach Kids About Jesus This Christmas

Monday, November 23, 2020

Are you looking for good books that will teach your children about Jesus, especially as the Christmas season approaches? Here are some of the best books to teach kids about Jesus this Christmas! 

I know I don't have kids, but one thing that I absolutely love about Instagram is getting to see Christian parents pointing their children towards Jesus through good, Christ-centered children's books. When I was a nanny, I tried to do the same thing for my nanny kids. If I bought them a book, I did so intentionally, finding something that was solid and gospel-centered. And as Christmas quickly approaches, Taylor and I love finding good books to give to our friend's kids. Whether you are a parent, a nanny, or someone trying to find a gift for a child you know, if you want to find books that are truly Christ-centered and point to the gospel, this post is for you because today I am sharing a list of the best books to teach kids about Jesus this Christmas. 

*This list isn't just for Christmas books. Some are Christmas-themed, but all of them point to our savior and teach kids about Biblical truth.

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The Best Books to Teach Kids About Jesus This Christmas

1.) There's a Lion in My Nativity!

"In this story of a school nativity play, Mary thinks she is the star of the show. However, as the play goes on, she finds that every scene has been stolen by an unlikely character or object! With the help of the narrator, Mary realizes that each one actually teaches us about the real meaning of Christmas. Along with Mary, readers will see that Jesus is the true star of the show. 

This rhyming book with warm, quirky illustrations makes a beautiful gift for children who are 4-7 years old." (Description via Amazon)

2.) The Jesus Storybook Bible

This is our go-to gift for new parents. For Christmas, birthdays, and just-because gifts. This is an excellent children's Bible for young kids that points to Christ like no other children's Bible I've seen. If you don't have one for your children, get one! 

3.) Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

This book teaches children that whatever they do and wherever they go, their parent's greatest hope is that they will love and follow Jesus. I haven't read this book, but I know Melissa and I happily recommend her work because I know she is solid. I am looking into this book as a gift for a kid in my life too!

4.) A Better Than Anything Christmas

This is an advent book, so technically you would want to start it on December 1st. However, I am of the mindset that if you start late, it's better to glean truth from a good book than to avoid it simply because you start out "behind". 

Here's what my friend Renee had to say about this book:
"[This book] is a short devotion-like guide for the whole family. There are 5 points for every day including reading scripture, explaining it, answering questions, praying, and doodling. This journal gives your space to write answers and draw. The prompts are simple enough for toddlers and engaging enough for teens. Really this is a perfect resource for the whole family and a great opportunity for parents to lead their family in the counsel of the Lord this Christmas season." -Renee Young

5.) First Bible Basics: A Counting Primer

Taylor and I just bought a copy of this book for someone and we are really excited about it. It's great for young kids, teaches them about the Bible and numbers at the same time, and it's a board book. I've heard great things about this company and we were very happy with it when it came in the mail. Can't wait to give it to our friends! 

6.) Zoe's Hiding Place: When You Are Anxious

I was looking through Renee's Instagram (because she is my go-to person for book recommendations if you can't tell 😉) and came across this adorable book. Once again, I'll just let her tell you all about it. Thanks, Renee:

"Zoe Mouse demonstrates how to pray, how to trust God even when it’s scary, how to listen to her parents, how to apologize, and how to be a good friend—all jammed packed in this sweet book in the “Good News for Little Hearts” series."

7.) Found: Psalm 23

I purchased this board book for one of my nanny kids a few years ago. It's based on Psalm 23 and written by Sally Lloyd-Jones (author of the Jesus Storybook Bible). It's beautifully illustrated and written, but more importantly, it points to Jesus through this Old Testament passage of Scripture. If you are looking for a good board book for a young child, this is a good one. 

You can find Found: Psalm 23 here.

8.) The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

We are big Kevin DeYoung fans in our house, so a couple of years ago when I wanted to give a gift to a friend's kid but I found out that they already had our go-to Jesus Storybook Bible, we decided to try this book by DeYoung instead. My friend said that they liked it. The illustrations are really cool and unique, and I love that this book teaches children that God's promises are better than we can imagine.

"In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung―a best-selling author and father of six―leads kids and parents alike on an exciting journey through the Bible, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ's death on the cross to the new heaven and new earth.

With powerful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark, this imaginative retelling of the Bible’s core message―how the Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden―will draw children into the biblical story, teaching them that God's promises are even bigger and better than we think." (Amazon description).

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There are so many great books out there for children that point to our Savior. I hope this list helps you on your search and if you purchase any of these, please let me know what you think about them! Do you have any books that you'd add to this list? Comment below!

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