Coffee Sips and Lovely Links: 4th of July Edition

Sunday, June 25, 2017 3 comments

The 4th of July has always just been about family for me. I know it's supposed to be about celebrating our independence and all, but I've always just considered it a good excuse to eat yummy cookout food, hang out with my awesome family, and see some fireworks at the end of the night. My Grandaddy and Nana would always host the festivities, grill hamburgers and hot dogs, and Grandaddy and my uncle would shoot off fireworks. They lived on the waterway up until very recently, so that cool ocean breeze would usually make an appearance at some point in the evening.

These were such fun times and I am very appreciative of them. But now that I am married, we live in Charlotte and my Grandparents no longer live on the coast, so things are a little different. I still plan to go see my family for the forth, and I can probably still find a place to watch fireworks, but it's still different. It's not as easy now because I am over here learning to make my own traditions and adjust to not having all my family within a 15 minute drive.

Maybe you are in a similar place. Maybe you are not able to visit family or follow the same traditions this year. Or maybe you are just tired of the same ole, same ole and want to change it up this year. Either way, today's Coffee Sips and Lovely Links segment is all about Independence Day and some fun ideas for celebrating this July 4th!

4th of july


These red, white, and blue M&M cookie bars look fantastic for a July 4th dessert!

This Easy Flag Fruit Dessert by Family Fresh Meals is super cute and would add a little nutrition to your cookout! 😉

You could even make your own gourmet hot dog topping bar.


Want something uber-cute but still casual and comfy? Summer has got your back with this off the shoulder top. So perfect!

Looking for something a little bit different? Chelsie has three more outfit ideas for you that might be what you are looking for.


4th of July Bingo? Yes please!

You could also make your own Family Summer Olympics! How fun is that!?

You could also try this 4th of July Water Blob for Kids!


For fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Info-graphic!

For pet safety, this very short article has some important reminders.

Need more pet safety tips? This pet safety info-graphic might be what you are looking for!

I hope that everyone stays injury-free during the fireworks, but just in case, here's some info on firework injuries.

A Little Side Note

Now, I don't want to diminish what July 4th is about. I appreciate the freedoms we have in America, and I am thankful for people who risked their lives (as well as their emotional health) for my sake and the sake of others. Things in America aren't even close to perfect, but we should always be thankful that people who don't even know us are willing to protect us. People like my father-in-law, and my sweet friend Vanessa of Pursue Simple Joy- they gave so much. So don't forget to thank those around you who served to make our independence remain possible. Don't forget that as you are grilling, laughing, and watching the fireworks.

4th of July Tips, Resources, and Fun Ideas

What Is A Virtual Assistant? (And 3 Signs You Might Need One)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 15 comments

Ask pretty much anyone on the street whether or not they feel like they have enough time in the day, and I guarantee you that a large majority of them will say "no".
We are busy people doing lots of busy things: we work, we tend to our family relationships, we cultivate friendships, we care for our home. In addition to that, many of us are pursuing dreams that are separate from our current careers.

But doing all of those things in a day while also actively taking care of your health (like getting enough sleep) is nearly impossible. So, when you inevitably have to choose which tasks get done and which one's don't, it's often our dreams and passions that get put on the back-burner.

And that's where a virtual assistant is helpful!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone you hire to do any online tasks that are important, but are distracting you from your main goals. This can be anything from checking your emails, answering them, and cleaning out your inbox, all the way to editing your new Ebook about why Poodles are the Bomb-Diggity. 🐩 
VA's can be hired to schedule out all your social media posts, or can be hired to manage specific accounts (i.e. a Pinterest VA, a Facebook VA). VA's can be hired to work every day, once a week- really whatever is most helpful to the client.
A virtual assistant's job is to make your life easier so that your dreams can become reality.

But how do you know if you REALLY need a VA? Should you really spend your money on one? Keep reading for 3 signs you might need a VA.

Your dreams are achievable, but you may need some extra help to get there. A virtual assistant may be just what you need! Find out what a Virtual Assistant is and how they might be able to help you by reading the full article!

Your Social Media Pages Are Always Empty

If your Facebook page never has anything new being posted, if you go days on end without tweeting, or you always forget to pin anything strategically on Pinterest, your social media accounts are sure to suffer. If this is you, you are missing out on a lot of potential growth, and a lot of potential clients. People aren't going to stick around if there are metaphorical crickets chirping on your social pages.
A VA can be a huge asset in this area because you can hire them to manage and/or schedule out those accounts for you- giving you the ability to grow more quickly without you having to find more hours in your day. 
Hiring someone for 2-3 hours a week can be a very affordable, smart, and beneficial option.

If Your Ebook Has Been Sitting Around Unedited

If you've been wanting to publish a book, ebook, or another written product but it has been sitting around needing to be edited for a while, hiring a VA for a one-time project might be a good idea for you.
They can edit it in an agreed-upon amount of time, you get to move forward with your goals for you book/product, and you'll probably save money by hiring a VA rather than trying to find a seasoned editor. Look for people who have degrees in English, Literature, or Writing and I feel confident you will be happy with the results.

If You Frequently Find Yourself Thinking "I Need Help"

If you have big dreams and goals that you keep avoiding because you feel far too overwhelmed to accomplish them by yourself, a VA can help.
Whether you want someone by your side full-time, part-time, or just a few times per month, if it helps you get started on your dreams, it's going to be worth it.
Have them handle your social media, your graphics, email management or marketing, editing product descriptions, typing up your monthly newsletter- whatever! Let them help you so you can find the courage to pursue what matters most to you!

Hiring a VA might be just what you need to help your blog or business get to the next level. If you've found yourself falling into the descriptions above, it may be time for you to consider it. And if that's the case, I'd love to come along side of you as your virtual assistant. I offer competitive, affordable rates, and I take pride in doing a good job and truly helping my clients succeed. To learn more, take a look at my rates and my expertise or email me with any questions you have at

A Virtual Assistant may be exactly what you need to take your blog or business to the next level! Find out what a Virtual Assistant is and how they might be able to help you by reading the full article!

Why Being Right Isn't Always Important

Monday, June 19, 2017 15 comments

Have you ever been talking to a friend or family member and everything is hunky-dory, but all of a sudden the two of you are in the middle of a debate or disagreement that you never saw coming? Maybe you learned something about your friend that shocked you, or maybe you said something that a family member was surprised by and whole-heartedly disagreed with. Either way, in that moment, things can escalate quickly if we aren't careful.

It's our human nature to want to be right (and to have others know that we are right). We feel validated and important when we are right. And if the subject is important enough and we really are right, then we also can feel an urgency to show our loved one the way. And sometimes, our greatest desire is for them to see the way.

It can also be easy to get caught up in the little things. Things that really don't matter or have any huge barring on life, and yet we still feel the need to prove that we are correct. But always feeling the need to be right, argue, or debate is not something we should allow in our lives.

The need to be right all the time can lead to a lot of issue that could have been avoided otherwise, and at the end of the day, being right isn't always that important.

We all want to be right. And when we know we are right, we want other people to know it too. But sometimes, there are more important things in life than being right.

It Pushes People Away

Always feeling the need to be right will quickly push people away. Even if we aren't trying to be jerks about it, and even if we are just trying to "help" by "showing them the right way", people grow weary of debate very quickly. 

In addition to this, we all hate being wrong. We hate the idea that someone else is right about us and that we may need to change our ways of thinking, or maybe even our actions. So when we are threatened by that idea, it's easy for us to push the other person away than to admit that we are in the wrong. So even if we are 100% right about whatever we are discussing, we have to measure whether or not it is really that important. Is it worth possibly pushing someone away? Often, we will find that it's not.

You Forget How To Practice Wisdom and Grace

Sometimes when we are caught up in the heat of the moment, we forget that people with differing opinions aren't the enemy. We forget that someone thinking differently than us is not a threat. Differences don't necessarily mean anything bad- they are just different.

That's why we have to use wisdom as we approach people who think differently than us. We have to decide if 1.) it's even worth addressing, and 2.) how much we really need to get into it if we do address it. Sometimes we should talk about our differences, and it's not always bad to discuss it. But if we do, we have to have the wisdom to know when it's time to drop it and the grace to treat people well no matter how different they are from us. 

We also have to have the wisdom to realize that we are not always right. Just because we feel right doesn't mean we are. And even when we are right, grace and wisdom go a lot farther than shouting our "win" to the rooftops.

It Creates Pride in Your Heart

When we start feeling the need to defend every little position and to be right all the time, pride will start to grow in our hearts. We will slowly stop listening to people without even realizing it. We will become the person who is just waiting with baited breath for the other person to stop talking so that we can start explaining why they are wrong.

These changes are usually slow and we probably won't even notice them happening. But as we become more focused on being right, we will also become more and more prideful. And I think most of us know what pride comes before...

It Hinders Your Impact When It Really Matters

As Christians, there are certain extremely important truths that we do want to make people aware of. There are things that are of the utmost importance that are worth trying to convince people of (gently and appropriately). But when we become ready to debate anything and everything at the drop of a hat, we will lose our credibility with people. They will see us as argumentative, stubborn, and set in our ways. At that point, we have lost the ability and privilege to talk to them about the things that matter most, because they've probably already grown tired of us always trying to prove our side on the more trivial issues.

Even if what we've been trying to convince them of isn't trivial and does have some value, if we've worn it out and they are tired of talking to us about semi-deep things, then we have still hindered our impact when it comes to the things that matter most. And this is the biggest reason trying to be right isn't always so important. 

We must prioritize always. We must use wisdom, kindness, and consideration when we talk to people about things that are important to us. If we don't, we will forever be tuned out, and will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Friends, don't hear me saying that we can't talk about important issues. There's something to be said for rational and calm dialog. We can have conversations, disagree, and come out on the other side of it just fine- if we do it right. But use wisdom. Practice wisdom. Pray for wisdom. Let God guide us in the best ways to discuss the little things, the big things, and everything in between.

Are you usually the one leading a debate or shying away from all confrontation? Comment below.

How To Show Your Dad He is Loved

Thursday, June 15, 2017 8 comments

My dad and I are very different in a lot of ways. I like to read, my dream job is on the computer, and I love the beach. My dad doesn't like to read, doesn't like technology, and lived at the beach for 22 years and probably went onto the actual beach less than ten times 😂

But on the other hand, we both love TV and Netflix binges (to a fault, admitably), we both love sports, and we both love riding bikes. And when I was growing up, these were "our things". We would watch episode-upon-episode of Walker Texas Ranger and The Brady Bunch, we would ride bikes, and we watched pretty much every televised Duke basketball game there was.

And then there were my basketball games. My mom, dad, nana, brother, and grandaddy would come to every single game they could- even the road games. And my dad would bring his video recorder and film the game. This allowed us to watch the tapes and see what I could improve on and feel really good about what I did right (I mostly watched for the "what I did right parts"- not gonna lie 😝).

I always loved that my family came to every game, but as I've gotten older, I've realized what a blessing and privilege it was to have a Dad (and the rest of my family) be so invested in something that I loved.

When you are a kid, you don't always realize what you have right in front of you. But I am so thankful for my entire family, and today (and this Father's Day) I want to specifically honor my dad. I appreciate him. I love him. And even in the areas where we disagree or can't relate, I still am grateful for him.

And that's why I want to take today to give a few tips and ideas on how to show your dad he is loved. Use them on Father's day, yes, but take it a step further and practice them all the time.

Show your dad he is loved on fathers day and every day.

Listen To What He Says

My dad likes to talk about TV shows a lot. Sometimes people don't understand that that's "his thing" and they don't really listen very well. But my dad just wants to tell people about his interests just like I want to tell people about mine. Not everyone really cares about the blogging world, but I get excited and I tell people about it. Daddy does the same, but with old TV shows and actors/actresses. 

When your dad is interested in something, listen to him. Don't just ignore him, pick on him, or change the subject. Taking interest in the interests of our parents will mean so much more to them than we realize.

Ask Him How He Is Doing

Sometimes, people just want to be asked how they are doing. They may give you a one-word answer, but even then it just feels good to be asked.
Always ask your dad how he is doing. Ask him how work has been, how his latest project is going, or what he has been up to lately. Whether he elaborates or just says "I'm good", I am confident he will appreciate the gesture.

Don't Play Favorites

Our parents want to know that they are loved equally. They don't want to worry that we like our other parent better, or feel left out all the time. Make a conscious effort to be involved in conversation with both parents any time you are all together. Don't just spend all your time with your Mom and leave your dad sitting in the living room alone. And don't reverse the situation either. Remain equally loving and participatory with both parents so that they both feel loved and appreciated.

Don't Just Call When You Need Something

No matter how much your dad might like to feel needed, he also wants to know that if you never needed help changing your oil, paying your bills, or whatever else you can fill in the blank with- you would still call and you would still spend time with him.

Sometimes we forget that the people who raised us can still become insecure and worry that they aren't cherished. We need to be aware of this and show them that they do matter and we do care. And calling just to say "hi" or "I love you" is a great way to do that.

My final challenge to you is to remember that treating your dad well is not just a Father's Day event- it should be a lifestyle. So while he may want to be treated like a king on Father's day (and who can blame him, really?), he wants to be loved and respected everyday. So do your best to make that happen.

What are your favorite memories with your dad? Comment below.

Why You Should Fall Back in Love with Instagram (A Virtual Assistant's Perspective)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 27 comments

Instagram has always been a really fun platform for both bloggers and non-bloggers alike. We all love seeing beautiful photos with fun or inspiring captions. We like keeping up with our friends and with the newest from our favorite influencers. And for years now, bloggers and influencers have enjoyed perfecting their feeds and inspiring others to the best of their ability. They've worked hard to understand the best tactics for using the platform, and have done their best to keep up with policy changes and stay up-to-date with the way in which everything works.

As a blogger and a virtual assistant (VA), I fall into this category too. It is my job to improve daily, learn the do's and don'ts, and work on my photography- and if I don't do a good job, my blog credibility and my paycheck will suffer.

But if we are honest, we know that social media platforms can make changes any time they want to. That's why so many business gurus make such a fuss over focusing on our email list and blog content more than we do our social media, because we all know that we have zero control over what changes are made to any given social media platform.

Instagram has been living proof of this lately. They changed the algorithm, everyone adjusted, and then they changed it again. They always say they are "improving user experience", but to the influencers who have already poured blood, sweat, and tears into their accounts, it just feels like a slap in the face.

It's frustrating, to say the least, and many influencers are beyond irritated- some even saying they are done with the platform.

It seems that Instagram would value their users more than that, ya know? I mean, influencers, entertainers, and bloggers are the ones that really make Instagram popular. We are the ones who bring people in for Instagram, and yet they keep making it harder and harder to get noticed.

However, most of us started using IG to build community, grow awareness of our brand, and to look at beautiful pictures. And while yes, it is tougher to get seen now, it's still a great way to foster community and enjoy beauty. And that's what I think we should focus on for a while.

A virtual assistant's perspective on why you should fall back in love with Instagram

Enjoy Beauty

Beauty is everywhere if we take the time to look around. But the cool thing about IG is that I can hop on for a few minutes and see parts of the world that I've never been to before, or find bright, fun pictures that make my heart happy after a single glance.

We are such visual people that, I think, the platform naturally resonates with most of us.

At the end of the day, the algorithms tweaks and shadowbans do not change how this beauty affects us. It's there for us to enjoy and that's exactly what we should do.

Brand Awareness

So, I get that this becomes harder when IG changes things up on us, but one of the reasons a lot of us use the platform is to create awareness around our brand. This is an extremely important aspect of being an entrepreneur.

But despite the fact that it is harder to get seen right now, Instagram is still there for this purpose. We may have to adjust our strategy, and our growth may be slower, but in the end, we are still perfectly capable of growing our brand.

We have got to stop freaking out when something like this changes. Part of growing a brand is being consistent, unmovable, and simply ourselves. We can do that whether IG changes things up or not. We can do that whether our growth is slow or fast. We can do that whether we get seen as easily or not.

Don't get me wrong- when your numbers on IG affect your paycheck, things matter more. I know that. And as a virtual assistant, obviously my job depends on making sure that I am helping other's grow their social media numbers. But I also know that consistency, authenticity, and true engagement is what really counts. When we already have followers who know and love us, they count on us to keep on keeping on. They look to us for a beautiful feed, a pick-me-up, or some inspiration after a bad day. If we quit a platform, give up, or get sloppy with it, they will notice.

Don't get sloppy with your current followers just because a social media platform has got you down. Keep giving to the one's who have been faithful and more will come.


And that brings me to the absolute most important reason we should fall in love with Instagram again: the community.
Being a part of Instagram and creating a community around a brand is the best feature in my eyes. No matter how many ways IG makes it harder to get seen and grow in numbers, it is still a great place to foster relationships, build connections, and lift each other up.

When we focus on the community we already have, and when we keep giving back to them, they will notice. When we engage with the people who are already on our radar, we are building relationships and making a difference. More than likely, in turn, we will continue to grow because our followers will tell others about us. However, even if that never happens, having a solid community is a blessing in itself. Focusing on fostering that instead of looking at our growth is sure to help us love Instagram again.

So as a blogger and a virtual assistant, here's my advice: Stop staring at the numbers for a while. Stop stressing quite so much. I really do get the income stresses, and I completely understand the frustration. But if we could all just calm down, get back to community, authenticity, and the enjoyment of beauty, I think IG could be a great place again.

Despite the shadowban and algorithm changes, there are still plenty of reason to fall in love with Instagram again!

When Your Dreams Seem Unreachable ( + How to Keep Going)

Monday, June 12, 2017 20 comments

Do you ever just feel tired? I mean really, truly, overwhelmingly tired? Tired of the struggle. Tired of the uphill battle. Tired of feeling like you are behind everyone else. Tired of unreached goals, unmet expectations, and the anxiety that comes with feeling like a failure?

Ask pretty much anyone and I guarantee you they'll tell you that they've felt these things before. Some may have only had a small time with these struggles, while for others, it's been a lifetime. But regardless of how long they are felt, these feelings cut deep and can become incredibly stifling if we let them.

I think a lot of people just stop once they feel this emotional exhaustion. They decide it's better to just settle in to "their lot in life", instead of continuing to fight against the exhaustion. And believe me- I get it. I get the tears, the frustration, and the seeming-hopelessness. I get what it's like to feel you'll never make it to your goals. I get what it's like to not know what to do next.

But friends, there is so much more to life than giving in, giving up, and succumbing to the exhaustion. And just because our dreams *feel* unattainable, doesn't mean they are. So if you want to know what to do when your dreams feel unreachable and you feel tired in every way imaginable, keep reading. Today's post is for you!

Do you ever feel like your dreams are unreachable and pointless? Don't fall into that trap! Here are three tips to help you keep moving forward when you feel like giving up!

Remember Your Why

I've said it over and over again, but this first point will never be outdated! Remembering your why when you feel like giving up is a complete game-changer! It's one thing to work hard at something that we feel like we want at the time. It's another thing entirely to have a true purpose to what we are doing- a purpose that goes beyond taking the easy road or giving up after a few months.
Knowing our why is the thing that will give us momentum and keep us going even when we are at our weakest. When we truly know our "why", dreams that feel unreachable won't stop us from getting back up and continuing to work hard.

If you don't know your "why", now is the time to re-evaluate. Are you on the path you are on for a reason? Do your dreams and goals have a higher, more important core? Or is this just a whim that you could easily replace with something else and be just as happy?
If the answer is the former, I think you will realize why you need to keep pushing forward. If it's the latter, then maybe you should take the time to find your something that does have a higher purpose.

Stay Disciplined

My friend Marsha of Faith and Fitness with Marsha Apsley said it well in her Instagram post a few days ago, that the truth of the matter is, knowing our "why" is only half of the puzzle. Knowing our why is the reason we should keep going, but we still have to take action and actually move forward. Knowing our why but not taking action will mean staying right where we are- in a hopeless, "I can't reach my dreams" state- for the rest of our lives.

In order to reach those dreams and goals that mean so much to us, we have to put in the effort. We have to take the next step, even if the next step is small. We have to put one foot forward and keep taking action on top of our why.

Maybe you haven't been taking action for a while because everything was feeling oh-so-very-pointless. But if you really want to reach your dreams, and your "why" really matters, then it's time to get back up off your butt and start taking action again. You will only reach your dreams if you work for them.

Don't Conform

The truth of the matter is, everyone's dreams look a little different.
I want to be a blogger like millions of others do, and yet my "why" is very specific and requires me to be myself and to utilize the gifts and quirks that God has given me. No matter how many people out there want to blog full-time, I still have to be me.

Conforming to other people's goals will not get us where we want to be. We can (and should) take advice now and then, and we should always be willing to learn, but at the end of the day, we have to stay true to our calling- not someone else's.

It can be tempting to cut corners, do what everyone else is doing, or try to find a "quick-fix", but when we know our "why" and decide to take action, it will often be very clear what directions, methods, and tactics we should and should not use.

Do not conform to how everyone else thinks you should be achieving your dreams. Be open to wise advice, but don't let advice from others be the only thing that matters. Stay true to your dreams and your why, and take action in ways that align with that purpose.

Friends, I know it is so tough to keep moving when all your goals and dreams feel like they are standing still. And I know that it would be easier in a lot of ways to just quit. But guess what: if you love what you do, have a deep passion for your goals, and have a clear "why" attached to them, it's going to be really tough to get those dreams off your mind. And personally, I would rather work hard for what I love than spend my time fighting off and trying to stifle a passion for the dreams I've chased for so long. But you have to choose for yourself- no one can do it for you.

5 Things Worth Loving This June

Monday, June 5, 2017 22 comments

*This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own. I only share products I love and/or believe you will love.

The fact that May came and went without giving us much of a chance to settle in has been reverberating around social media the past few days, and in a lot of ways, I felt that too. My beach trip and my visit from my friend both flew by so quickly- as fun things usually do. But I have to say, the other parts of May seemed to drag on.

June really holds some mixed emotions for me. I leave my job with my sweet baby E- and boy that's going to be hard, I start a new Summer job with a child I haven't met yet (his mom is really sweet though), and I will have to learn how to balance TPT with a new, busier, and more full schedule. I am nervous for all of those things, but I know that all things come for a season and have a purpose, I am going to try to take a little chill pill 😎

Plus, I can't really be too down about June. There really are a lot of great things happening and a lot to be excited about! And that's what I want to share with you today. So keep reading to find out what's worth loving in June!

There's plenty to love this June- even if you can't go to the beach!

30-Day HIIT and The Well and Fit Squad

I've mentioned Autumn of It's Autumn before, and I am sure I will mention her again! I love this girl! She's fun, quirky, encouraging, and inspiring. For the month of June, she has created the 30-Day HIIT Challenge, along with the Well and Fit Squad Facebook group for support and encouragement.
Now that I am pretty much back to normal from my sickness, I plan to implement this from here on out. I think you would really enjoy it too!
*It's not too late to sign up for the challenge!

Let's Get Moving Challenge

Another lovely woman that I've mentioned before is Marsha Apsley. She is incredibly sweet and genuine, has lived out both sides of this health journey, and is so inspiring when it comes to getting healthy and doing it for the right reasons.
Marsha and Autumn were on the same wave-length I guess because Marsha also created a June challenge. Marsha's Let's Get Moving Challenge is exactly what it sounds like: a challenge to get moving. This challenge is just about taking the steps to get active, even if it's only for 10 minutes a day. This isn't a bootcamp or a weightloss program, it's an encouragement to start somewhere, not be ashamed of starting small, and a reminder to lean on Christ through it all. Marsha also has a Facebook support group for the challenge and she takes the time to talk, walk, and pray with the group. She's awesome!
*It's not too late to sign up for her challenge either!

A Place Prepared

Have you guys ever heard of the blog The Hallway Initiative? My sweet, talented, and Jesus-loving friend, Julie, is the author and she just launched her first Ebook, A Place Prepared. As the virtual assistant who was fortunate enough to get to edit the book, I highly recommend it.
The book details some of the biggest and most challenging moments in Julie's life in order to show how God is present even in our most trying time. Julie's mission is to elaborate on the fact that even when God closes doors that we really wanted to be opened, we still have reason to praise Him in the hallway. Trust me, you need this book in your life!

Dale Partridge

Guys, I love hearing what Dale Partridge has to say. He has such great advice for young entrepreneurs, as well as some rockin' wisdom for Christians. If you don't like mega-blunt Facebook posts about faith and politics, his Facebook page may not be the place for you, but his books, webinars, and most of his blog posts are stellar for anyone looking to start, launch, or grow their business. He's 30 years old, makes 6-7 figures per year, and only works between 20-30 hours per week. Dale believes in working in a way that creates more time for loved ones and less unneeded stress. Talk about goals!!!
My copy of Dale's new book, Launch Your Dreams, just came in the mail and I cannot wait to start reading it!


I have a post coming soon on my perspective on Instagram as a VA (virtual assistant), but until then I am sharing 10 Instagram accounts you are sure to love this June.

Chelsie | Hey There, Chelsie
Chelsie has beautiful photos, a lovely feed, and a positive attitude. What's not to love!?

Summer | Coffee with Summer
Despite the fact that I normally go for bright colors, Summer has one of my favorite feeds on Instagram. It's seriously so beautiful, light, airy, and perfectly curated. It's also an encouraging place to be!

Shannon | Salty Wanders
Love awesome adventures, unique travel spots, and beautiful photography? Shannon's feed is the place for you! She has some of the coolest excursions!

Amanda | Blissful Gal
Like beauty, fashion, coffee, and pops of color? Look no further than Amanda! Her feed is lovely and so is she!

Evi | Mon Fig
Encouraging, stylish, sweet, and fun- that's Evi! I love this girl and I think you will too. For fashion, mom-life, fun travels, and encouragement, follow Evi!

Kristin | The Blush Blonde
Even if we set aside the fact that this girl spells her name the right way (and us Kristins have to stick together! 😋), Kristin's account is a great place to be. She has a love for pink, pretty things, and beauty. I also really enjoy getting to know her more in her captions and seeing her health journey unfold as she fights against chronic illness.

Meredith Staggers | Cake and Confetti
Disclaimer, I just started following Meredith a few days ago but holy mole', she is just that noteworthy. Her photos are beautiful, fun, and just make me smile! If you like bright colors and fun things, this is the place for you!

Rachel Kaly | Sweet Simple Living 
Rachel is another person I just started following, but her feed is gorgeous, full of coffee mugs and lovely things, and she really just stood out to me (as far as first impressions go).  I think you will love her feed too!

Rachel Ritlop of The Confused Millennial
I love this sweet blog friend of mine. Honestly, she's been rocking IG for quite some time now, but she has recently improved her photography and her feed is completely #goals. Not to mention she has a lot of great business, blogging, and adulting tips for you. Follow her.

As you can see, there is so, so much to love in the month of June. So whether everything is feeling blah, exciting, stressful, happy, or sad, be determined to find something that makes you happy and participate. It doesn't have to be anything I suggested (though I do think you'll love at least some of them), but just find something that you are loving and enjoy it. Do something that will grow you as a person, will encourage you, and will just plain make you feel good and you are sure to love June!

5 Things Worth Loving This June