Who Is Jesus? A Deeper Look at His Character

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Over the last month, I have been attending a women's Bible study on the book of Hebrews. It's taught by an amazing professor at Taylor's seminary and it is an extremely in-depth study. So much so that it will most likely take us a year and a half to finish the book (which only has 13 chapters)! When I first heard that it was going to take us more than a year to finish, I wondered if I might get bored. But I discovered very quickly that I wouldn't need to worry about that.

One of the themes we've discussed so far is Jesus' character and whether he is more like a lion or a lamb (a reference found in Revelation 5:5-6, but was brought up during our study of Hebrews). Growing up in a Christian home, I knew that the right answer was that Jesus is both lion and lamb. I've known that since I was young. But the downside to always "knowing it", is that sometimes you don't really stop and contemplate what that really means.

When talking about Jesus' character, it's important to learn as much as we can, which means taking a deeper look at both his lion-like and lamb-like qualities. And that's what I would like to explore with you today.

Today at The Peculiar Treasure, we are taking a closer look at the character of Jesus and gain a deeper understanding of who he is.

He Gives Mercy 

In Mark 6:34, Jesus sees a crowd from far away and sees that they are wandering aimlessly. It would have been easy for him to decide that he was too tired to deal with them, or maybe that he would rather have a bubble bath for a self-care night. But Jesus didn't retreat and he didn't opt for "me time". He went to the people, seeing they needed some help, and he "had compassion on them".

Jesus is the forgiver of sins. He gives us grace when we don't deserve it, and covers for us even when we fail over and over again. He sees how lost we are. He sees how confused we get. He sees how often we stumble. He understands our weakness and loves us anyway.

He Judges 

2 Corinthians 5:10 says that all of us will one day stand before the judgement seat of Jesus to give an account of our lives. Jesus is merciful, yes, but he also hates sin. He cannot coexist with sin. And he understands the entirety of how bad sin actually is, when we only understand pieces of it.

Jesus always loves us- so much so that he will not just shrug his shoulders and leave us the way we are, because he knows that sin is not a good place to call home. He offers his gift of salvation in mercy, but those who do not receive it will be judged by the same Jesus who loves them fiercely.

He is Fierce (He is Not Safe)

There is a quote from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) where Susan asks whether or not Aslan the Lion is safe. And Mr. Beaver's response is as follows:

Safe? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.

This quote really strikes me every time I hear it because it is so true of God. Though we are safe in God's arms, God himself is not safe (read: "tame"). God is the King of the universe. He isn't timid. He doesn't "wait his turn". He isn't politically correct. And he doesn't wait for permission to work in the world. Following him means that there is always a grand adventure ahead of us, and that things may get topsy-turvy while we are alive on this earth, but he is always, always good!

For more on Jesus' fierce side, see Matthew 21 and pay particular attention to verses 12-13.

He is Gentle

Despite the fact that Jesus is fierce, he doesn't use it against us. Instead, he is gentle with us when we need it most, just as he is a disciplinarian when we need it most.

The bible says that Jesus' calling on our lives is not a heavy burden, but rather that he is gentle and that his burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30). This doesn't mean that it's easy to follow God, but rather following God isn't harsh, burdensome, or heavy.

Jesus is gentle in that he puts other's first (1 Corinthians 13:4-7), is humble (John 13:12-15), and does what is necessary to help us (Matthew 14:13-21).

He is Blunt 

John 4:4-26 recounts Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. In those days, a typical Jew and a typical Samaritan would not speak to each other. In fact, Jews would go out of their way (and on a much longer journey than necessary) just to avoid speaking with Samaritans. But Jesus didn't do what your typical person would do. Instead, he went straight to the well and not only talked to a Samaritan, but talked to a Samaritan woman who had been married five times, which made her a complete outcast in her community.

Jesus, however, showed her great kindness by speaking to her with gentleness, humility, and with genuine interest in what she had to say. And then, Jesus also called out her sin in looking for fulfillment in the husbands she had had over the years. He wasn't rude or crude. He didn't call her names or tell her she was horrible. But he did truthfully and bluntly call out her sin.

We don't like being called out. People who are blunt rub us the wrong way. And sometimes that's because of they way they do it, but if we are honest, it's often just because we don't like being confronted with our own sins. But friends, Jesus is the ultimate sin-confronter. He is that way because 1.) he is holy, and 2.) because he loves us. And if we truly want to experience the character of Jesus, we cannot leave that part out.

So Much More

There are so many other character traits that we can attribute to Jesus, but honestly, if I were to try to capture all of them in one blog post (or 20), we would be here for daysssss. So for now, this is my list. It is not all-encompassing, and it is a humble, feeble attempt on my part, but hopefully you will find it helpful nonetheless.

My hope is to grow in my understanding of Jesus' character and share that with you. We are on this journey together. Let's grow in God together!

Though we will never fully understand everything about the character of Jesus while we are on earth, there is a lot that we can learn from the Bible. So today, we are diving in and learning more about the Character of Jesus. and deepening our knowledge of him.

10 Peculiar Things About Me + A Free Playlist

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Twenty-seven years old. How is that possible?! Sometimes, I still feel like a teenager. Okay, let's be honest...most of the time that's how I feel. It's crazy to me that I am old enough to be married, renting a home, and completely in charge of my day-to-day. And I have all ideas that I will still feel the same way when I am old, grey, and wrinkled.

I think feeling like a kid is just part of life. Or maybe it's just part of my nature. I don't really know for sure. But what I do know is that I want to be young at heart in the moments that it's helpful, but have the maturity and wisdom to stifle that when adulting is necessary.

Thankfully, as a general rule, my life has been fairly simple. I have had luxuries that not everyone get's to experience (i.e. a family that loves me really well, the ability to have hobbies, fuzzy pets to love on, etc). And I am grateful for those things.

My 27 years on this earth have been blessed, provided for, and enriched by God, his mercies, and the gifts he has given me. I don't derserve it, but I am thankful for what I have.

So here's to 27 years! Life isn't perfect, it isn't easy, and it can get messy, but I love the life I live and am thankful for what it is and what it is becoming.

In honor of my birthday weekend, and in honor of the quirkiness that I like to infuse into the world around me, I decided to share some peculiar things about me 😉

10 Peculiar Things About Me

  1. I talk in my sleep. Taylor says that earlier this week I was having a discussion with myself about where to put a desk that needed moving 😂
  2. Other than our thumbs, my Nana and I have almost identical hands.
  3. I get freaked out by my own veins. If I look at them for too long, I get really nervous.
  4. I went through a short phase in middle school when my snack of choice was Cheetos and orange juice.
  5. If you readjust the rear view mirror in my car, you die. It's that simple. 😡
  6. I hate the seams in clothes. They are often the bane of my existence and you can find me tugging on my clothes constantly. It's a problem...🙈
  7. I hate when people spell "Mama" as "Momma". Maybe it's where I grew up? I have no idea. But I cringe every time I see it. (Don't worry though- one of my best friends spells it that way and I still love her 😝)
  8. I start listening to Christmas music in September (sometimes August), and I'm not embarrassed about that at all 😉
  9. I HATE dramatic T.V. shows. Pretty Little Liars (actually almost any ABC Family original), Gossip Girls, The Bachelor- all of them make me nuts.
  10. When I watch a crime show and get freaked out, I turn on Phineas and Ferb to make myself feel better.

A fun, quirky, and free Spotify birthday playlist + 10 peculiar things about the author of The Peculiar Treasure.

My Birthday Playlist (if you don't like boy bands and cheesy lyrics, this is not for you 😉)

A Free, Fun, Birthday Playlist + 10 Peculiar Things About The Peculiar Treasure

How to Find + Use Your Spiritual Gifts

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Lately, I've been reading through 1 Corinthians. There's so much in that book, and a lot to go over. But one of my favorite things to study from the book is the topic of spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are not nearly as complicated as they sound from the name. They are literally just the natural abilities that God has specially gifted you with that can help in a church/Christ-centered setting. The passage on spiritual gifts in Corinthians names things like knowledge, faith, healing, wisdom, and a few others as being spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

Throughout the bible, we will find that there are also other types of spiritual gifts (see Romans 12:3-8), so we are not just limited to the list in 1 Corinthians. But sometimes, it can be hard to identify what our spiritual gift is. Shoot, it can be hard to identify other natural talents in life too, so pin-pointing our spiritual gift can really take some time to recognize if we just aren't sure.

But thriving with our gifts for the kingdom of God is a huge honor as Christians. God didn't give us our gifts just so we could ignore them, struggle to find them, or avoid using them. No, he gave us these gifts to use with great joy as we do the things he has naturally gifted us to do, which often brings us great joy.

So if you are a follower of Jesus and want to identify your spiritual gift, or if you know your gift(s) but just aren't sure how to use them, I'm going to try to help you with that today.

In the Christian faith, using the gifts God has given us for His glory is important. But sometimes it can be hard to identify what our spiritual gifts are, or how to best use them. Today on The Peculiar Treasure, we are talking all about finding and utilizing our spiritual gifts well. #Christian #faith #spiritualgifts

Identify Your Gifts

If you do a Google search for "spiritual gift tests", you will find quite a few. I believe that taking these tests (maybe a few different one's to compare the answers) can be helpful in finding your general abilities and strength, and if you've never taken one, it could be helpful.

However, I recently read a blog post about how in Scripture, there was never any indication that believers were struggling to find their spiritual gifts, and there wasn't a crisis of having to take a quiz to figure it out. I can see that point too. So what I would encourage you to do is take a few spiritual gift assessments if you are unsure of your gifts. But temper this with looking at your natural abilities that you already know you posses. Don't just take the quiz and throw away all else in pursuit of using the gifts laid out in the test. A generic test is not God and we always need to be aware of God's leading in these areas too.

A Few Quizzes I Found

105 Questions Quiz: Not my favorite but can be helpful. It gave a tally of every gift and what I scored in it, and then told me my top three gifts with a description of those three.

Lifeway Quiz
This one is very detailed and you have to tally the results yourself. But if you like that sort of thing, it's probably a good one to take.

I like the wording and scale on this quiz better than the others I've taken. I will say that they make some things into "spiritual gifts" that I would argue are just general talents. However, no quiz will be perfect and this may be helpful.

Brainstorm How to Use Them

The thing is, there are probably hundreds of ways for you to use the spiritual gifts God has given you. For example, one of my gifts is encouragement, which I can do every single day in many capacities.

I can be a general encourager to the people around me (see my free, 3 day email devotional for more on this), I can use this blog to encourage, I can cheer my hubby on in his schooling, let the kids I nanny know that they are smart and valuable, or I can lift people up when they are having a rough day. There's not one set task I have to do if I am an encourager- and the same is true with every spiritual gift.

So sit down, list all the areas in which your gift could possibly be useful, and get creative.

Research Opportunities In Your Area

Once you've brain-stormed some ways in which you may be able to best use your gifts, start searching for opportunities in your area that align with what you discovered while brain-storming.

Example: If your gift is teaching, this doesn't mean that your only options are being a pastor or school teacher. You could be a bible study leader in your church, a mentor for an after school program, a coach, or a blogger. All of those things would utilize the gift of teaching, and I feel certain there are many more avenues that would too!

Seek Godly Counsel

Once you've done your due-diligence, I would recommend talking to those around you who are wise and strong in the Lord about what you've discovered in your quizzes and research. This can be a spiritually strong family member, friend, your pastor, etc.

Talk to a few people who fit that description about whether they feel your assessment of your gifts and your quiz results are accurate. Then see if they feel your ideas for serving are doable and a good fit for you and ask if they have any other suggestions to add to the list.

Remember that people are not God, though. Getting wise counsel is extremely important and biblical, but we must always remember that humans aren't perfect, so always take their advice and measure it by scripture.

#Christian #faith

Get Up and Serve

I found a post by The Gospel Coalition about why asking "what is my spiritual gift?" is the wrong question. One of the reasons the author feels this way is because sometimes when we know of a particular gifting we have, we will sit on our butts until an opportunity comes to use that gift. But the Bible tells us to serve one another in love. It never says to wait until our "one gift" is able to be used.

The truth of the matter is, we all have multiple giftings, and when those can be used, we will probably feel most "at home" and most useful. And that's awesome and God wants us to use those gifts well. But that doesn't mean we only serve with those gifts. In fact, God also wants to stretch us and grow us. He wants to use our weakness for his glory. So guess what... God will sometimes ask us to do things we aren't as good at. Does this mean he will ask us to be pastors just because we are bad at it, or ask us to be secretaries in the church when we are the most disorganized person there? Probably not. But he may ask you to speak up in a crowd to share truth, or ask you to help your mission team organize some paper work. And we can't just say, "no thanks, bro. That's not my gift"!

So when it comes down to it, whether we have clarity about our gifts or not, let's get our butts up and serve!

Blogging Authentically: My Heart

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Authenticity. Have you ever noticed how the word gets thrown around these days?

Authenticity is supposed to mean that we are genuine, integrity-filled, and truly ourselves. It's supposed to mean that we handle our day-to-day with honesty and sincerity. But lately, authenticity has become nothing more than a buzz-word. This is really true in every circle, but by-golly if it isn't rampant in the blog world!

I love blogging. I don't think that will be changing any time soon. But I have been growing weary over the past few months as I have discovered how fake the blog world really is.

I had seen little pieces here and there for a while, but since this past Spring, it has become increasingly obvious that many bloggers care only about numbers. And even if they say they don't, they do. You know how I know? Because I hear very little about how people are benefiting from blogs. Bloggers are typically not boasting about how proud they are that their blog made a difference in someone's life. Instead, they brag about how many followers they have on Instagram, or they complain about Instagram followers and how many times a post has been shared on Pinterest.

And believe me- I get it. It's so hard to have to fight algorithms, the follow/unfollow method, and the massive sea of bloggers trying to make it just like we are. But friends, if our blogs are not making a genuine difference, is there really any point? And if all of our likes on our IG posts are from people in threads who are required to interact with us- people who never even look at what they are double-tapping on- what's the point? Is it just about "making it"? And what does "making it" even mean at that point?

Why having integrity and authenticity in blogging is extremely important.

Wait for the Real Deal

I'm not perfect. Holy mole', I'm not even close! I make mistakes, I do stupid things, and sometimes I am not nearly as authentic as I really should be. We all fall short. But I would like to encourage any of you who blog for a greater purpose than just yourself-than just money- be filled with integrity. Choose the slow, honest path over the quick, inauthentic one. Grow slower if you must, but grow with integrity, and with followers who actually care about your content.

It may seem tiresome to wait for real Instagram likes, blog comments, and Twitter followers, but I'm beginning to believe that the real ones are worth the wait.

Blogging Groups

Now, I'm not saying that bloggers shouldn't participate in Facebook threads to promote content. I will still be participating in my favorite groups and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But, if half of your Instagram likes, or Facebook page likes, or blog comments come from people who only engaged with you because they had to, then I would seriously encourage you to reconsider your methods if you want to be authentic and genuine.

It's a hard balance to find when your blog is both your ministry and your career goal. I totally get it, and it's a daily struggle. But the blog industry needs to change, and it starts with us- with the ones who are willing to be genuine.

Growing your blog slowly and with integrity is more important than growing a large group of uninterested followers at a quicker speed.

Important Disclaimer!

Please note that this is not an attack on anyone. I have all ideas that several people I know will think this is directed at them, but I am only speaking generally. If something has hit hard in this post, maybe it's time to examine your methods, but please know that I am not writing this post about someone in particular, as I struggle in some of these areas too. We are all in this together and we all need to learn and grow as we go through this journey.

October Love, Goals, + Updates

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Happy October, sweet friends! I'm really baffled that October is already here, but I am also thrilled. It's my all-time favorite month and I definitely think it should be celebrated! Like, maybe there's no school, no work, and no responsibilities all month. We'll all just spend October huddled around a bonfire with pumpkin coffee and apple bread. Because that's realistic, right? 😋

I could spend the rest of the month just posting about why I love October. And other than the fact that it would get pretty old for you, I would.
But since that's not going to work, I decided to do an October goals post, September updates, and some things I am loving for October- all wrapped up into one. You're welcome 😉

#Fall #October #Goals

September Update

September has been a strange month for me. Very strange. I finished up a nanny job that I was contracted on through the Summer. I got a VA job that I worked for two weeks, but turned out not to be the best fit. I gained another client that has been an awesome fit.
Then, my hip and back injury (which left me bedridden for 5 days last year) acted up again and still hasn't settled down. It's not as bad as the last time that I had problems, but I have been doing a whole lot of laying in bed with a heating pad the past few weeks. I'm really hoping that the steroid shot I'll be getting next week will do the trick!

And to end September, we spent last weekend of the month in the mountains with our family, friends, and our church family. We were celebrating our home church's 10 year anniversary.

I really didn't have that many goals listed for September, and I met 3 out of 4 of them. Taylor and I actually did much better at adulting (i.e. being responsible people who clean, cook, and go to bed at a decent hour 😂), I was able to see baby E three times, and I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Woot woot!

However, I did not get ahead on my blogging goals, because of the hip flare-up, which causes a lot of pain that gets worse when I try to sit down for long periods of time. I'm trying to find creative, practical ways to still get things done this month to make up for last month.

October Goals

Get Ahead On the Blog

I am desperately wanting to get ahead on my blog posts, VA work, and social media scheduling. For October, I'm just going to try to get at least three blog posts ahead and to revamp two posts with new images.

Workout Four Times Per Week

A while back, my grandparents let us borrow their stationary bike that has some pre-made workouts built in. We finally started using it recently and I think it's going to be a really good workout without murdering my hip. My goal is to do four workouts on the bike per week.

Focus On What Matters

Guys, I am so bad about focusing on the wrong things when it comes to my goals. I spend so much time participating in threads and worrying about numbers, that I neglect the most important parts of blogging: namely, crafting blog posts and newsletters.

It's really easy to get priorities turned upside in anything we set our hands to, so I'm sure it's not just me who struggles with that. But this month, I want to focus on getting it right. It's hard, and I cringe when I have to choose between growing my social media numbers and creating new content, but it's clear to me what matters most.

October Goals + Fall Love

October Love

Apple Pumpkin Bread

I know I mentioned this apple pumpkin bread in my roundup post, but my sweet friend Gracie came to Charlotte and made this recipe again and it was even better than I remembered. Seriously, you need this bread in your life!

Blue Bloods

I love Blue Bloods, and season 8 just premiered a few days ago. The first episode of the season was heart-breaking, but I am so excited that it's back on. I might be a smidge addicted!


October is birthday month for me, for Taylor, and for several of my awesome friends. Unfortunately, October and these birthdays always seem to come and go before I have a chance to blink, but I still enjoy it thoroughly. I have no idea what I am doing for my birthday, but I think Taylor's parents are coming down for his. It'll be awesome.

Pumpkin Patches

Last year, going to a pumpkin patch was one of the highlights of my Fall. I went twice with baby E and it was so fun! This year, I am hoping that Taylor and I can go together.

What fun things are you looking forward to during the month of October? Did you do anything noteworthy in September? Comment below!

Comparison In Real Life

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When you hear the word "comparison", do you naturally think "is the thief of joy" in your mind? Sometimes I do, and I bet I'm not the only one. It's like that phrase has been repeated so many times that one no longer exists without the other.

I once read a blog post that talked about comparison NOT being the thief of joy. The post was very good, and the author made excellent points. In some scenarios, she is completely correct, but seeing as I have a post all about how comparison IS the thief of joy, obviously I don't believe that our views are mutually exclusive. Either view can be true. It simply depends on the circumstances.

You see, when Daisy (the author) talks about comparison in a positive light, she is speaking to the fact that if comparison leads us to be introspective and see areas in our own lives that need improvement, then it's a good thing. We need to look into our hearts and lives and make sure we are living well. And I have no arguments there.

But today, I'm focusing on the negative side of comparison. The type of comparison that is ungodly. Because that type of comparison really is the thief of joy, and we need a battle plan against it. But in order to battle against something, we first have to recognize it for what it is. So today, I'm going to explain the traits of ungodly comparison so that you can recognize it and stop it in it's tracks.

Comparison isn't always bad, but there is a way to compare that is healthy, and a way to compare that is extremely unhealthy. Find out the difference and how comparing ourselves in a negative way affects our daily lives at The Peculiar Treasure.

Eliminates gratefulness

When we start comparing ourselves to others, or our possessions to those of another, we begin to covet. We begin to feel like what we have is not enough, and think we need more.

This attitude keeps us focused on our wants instead of focusing on be grateful for all the good we've already received. We convince ourselves that we need to work harder so we can buy more or be more- only to forget that we have enough and we are enough in Christ.

Hinders Creativity

When we start comparing ourselves to others, we forget to be ourselves. We loose pieces of ourselves that make us amazing and unique, because we are too busy trying to be like someone else.

We change our blogging style to match that of another blogger. We change our attitude to match that of someone we work with. We change our personallity so that someone we look up to will accept us. But when we start comparing ourselves to others, we will lose our creativity and will fall into the boring sea of people who conform to please others.

Diminishes Confidence

When we compare ourselves to others, it can diminish our confidence. We think "why am I not as successful as they are", or "my marriage isn't as good as theirs is". And while it can be good to take a moment to see if we can learn from how they accomplished that success, and maybe we will find that we need to make some changes, we still have to remember that we cannot compare our beginning or middle to someone else's ending. I know it sounds cliche', but it's still very true. And we need to keep remembering that.

Strains Community

When we are so busy comparing ourselves to others, we can easily develop a competitive attitude against them. This causes us to have wrong focus and spend our time trying to one-up those we feel are better than us. And that, dear friends, does anything except build community. In fact, it often causes strife that never would have been there otherwise.

The short of all of this, is that comparison (the negative kind) messes with you, your relationships, and your mindset. It causes you unnecessary hardships, envy, and lack of gratefulness. But if we can learn to look at other's successes, learn from them and better ourselves because of their example, but then move on from any negative thinking that may come at us, we will be far better off. We will find that we are happier, more grateful, and more at ease.

When we start comparing ourselves to others, it begins to affect our everyday life more than we realize. Find out how at The Peculiar Treasure!

Fall Roundup + Free Printables (Coffee Sips and Lovely Links)

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*This post contains affiliate links. These links help support The Peculiar Treasure at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.*

Happy Friday, peculiar friends! It's been quite a while since I last did a Coffee Sips and Lovely Links segment here at TPT, but with Fall well on it's way, I decided it was time to bring it back.

I love Fall. And if you've been reading this space on the interwebz for very long at all, you probably knew that. I love the crisp Autumn air. I love the crimson, gold, and burnt-orange leaves that dance their way off of the trees. I love the pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer that always finds it's way to the shelves, the pumpkin recipes that clog my Pinterest feed, and the smell of apples and cinnamon that make their appearance in candles around this time of year.

Basically, I love #allthingsfall. And I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest just swooning over all the Fall recipes, the Fall bucket lists, and the cute Fall fashion ideas. But I doubt very seriously you want to spend that much time pouring over links, so I narrowed it down for you a bit 😉

Friends, you know what to do! It's Coffee Sips and Lovely Links time here at The Peculiar Treasure, so grab your cup of coffee and a fuzzy blanket, relax, and enjoy this Fall Roundup (and the free printables I've found for you)!

Fall Roundup with Free Printables

Coffee Sips + Lovely Links


When it comes to Fall fashion, I love cozy dresses, blanket scarves paired with Jeans and Converse, and chunky, knitted sweaters.

Gingham has also made a comeback and I personally think I need a closet full of it. 😉


When I was a teenager, I would ask my mom to make me a pumpkin roll for my birthday instead of a cake. They are my absolute favorite, and I love to slice off a piece and stick it in the freezer for about 45 minutes before eating it.

I made this creamy chicken tortellini soup last week and it was phenomenal! I cannot wait to make it again, and it will definitely remain on my meal rotation!

Last year, I went apple picking with my mom and I bought sooooo many apples. In fact, some of them went bad (🙈), so this year I know to buy less. BUT, one of the best things I did with said apples is that I made this amazing pumpkin apple bread. It was sooooo good. You need this recipe in your life. Just sayin'!

Fall Mugs

I am absolutely in love with mugs. I already explained my mug obsession and why I am not giving up coffee, but I still enjoy sharing when I find some super cute mugs online!

I found several on Etsy:

Morning Pumpkin

Sweater Weather

Fall Breeze

And then a few more on Amazon:

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice Gift Set


Another thing that I love this time of year is all of the adorable printables that people make. So I figured this Fall roundup was not complete without showcasing some of the free printables that are available to you!

Fall Farmhouse Printables

Watercolor Printables (😍)

Pumpkin Patch Printable

"Life Starts All Over..."

World of Octobers Printable

Hello Fall Printable

I hope you enjoyed this Fall edition of Coffee Sips and Lovely Links. Hopefully, there was something here for every Fall-lover to enjoy! And as a true southerner would say: Happy Fall, yall!

An awesome Fall round up with yummy recipes, fun mugs, pretty fashion, and free printables.