Why Every Christian Should Read the Bible Consistently (+ 10 helpful tips and resources)

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Every Christian should read the Bible consistently because it connects us to God, grows our faith, and helps us in our daily life. Learn more here about why every Christian should read the Bible consistently!

I talk a lot about reading the Bible on this blog, and that's because Christians should absolutely be reading the Bible. Scripture is an integral part of the Christian life. When we read the Word of God, there are so many benefit. 

10 Reasons Why Every Christian Should Read the Bible

  1.  We learn about the gospel and how God has saved us through the Bible

  2. The Bible helps us focus on God instead of the world

  3. Scripture reminds us of the hope we have in the Lord

  4. The Bible empowers us and reminds us of our identity 

  5. We are reminded that God is in control, even when the world is chaos

  6. The Bible helps us when we are overwhelmed

  7. The Bible reminds us that God is always with us

  8. The Bible teaches us God's will for our lives

  9. God gives us wisdom through his word

  10. The Bible teaches us how to live for God:
Christian, God's word is for you! God calls you to meet with him in the Bible and it's for your good. He wrote it so that you wouldn't be left in the dark, but so that you would be able to know him more deeply.

10 Tips and Resources to Help Your Read the Bible

Need some help with studying the Bible? Looking for some tips as you spend time in God's word? These resources might help:

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